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Dialogue Group Targets 10 Second Delivery for A2P SMS

by david.nunes

On Time Every Time! – Dialogue Group Targets 10 Second Delivery for A2P SMS

26 February 2015, LondonDialogue Group has today unveiled its rapid delivery initiative, which aims to deliver 95% of its time sensitive A2P (Application-to-Person) SMS messages within 10 seconds. This new development from Dialogue Group, the champion of A2P messaging solutions and the world’s most experienced A2P SMS messaging company, comes ahead of next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

The rapid delivery initiative addresses capacity management within the SMS supply chain, which is currently a challenge for the global industry. Dave Colclough, Global Director of Operations, Dialogue Group, explains: “Following discussions with our customers, we identified that there are two broad types of messaging across our customer base; broadcast traffic, such as marketing campaigns, that produce large SMS volumes and time sensitive traffic, which includes messages that have a short life span and are critical for on-time delivery, for example two factor authentication and banking sector messaging.

“The challenge comes when the volume of messages that enter the supply chain is higher than those leaving it, creating queues and delivery delays. When both traffic types are submitted together, time sensitive messages can at times be impacted by the large volume of traffic contained within broadcasts. With our 10 second initiative, we allow our customers to separate this traffic, which in turn allows us to focus on meeting the needs of the time sensitive messaging.”

Dialogue is committed to working with its customers and suppliers and is always continuing to enhance its A2P messaging platform, which has benefitted from a large investment in the past 12 months.

Perry Offer, CEO, Dialogue Group, says: “We work with our customers and suppliers to understand their needs while constantly monitoring the market so that we can tailor our solutions to match their requirements. By investing heavily into our platform and addressing the capacity challenge, we can ensure that our customers’ A2P SMS messages are sent on time, every time.”

For more information about Dialogue’s rapid delivery technology, click here to watch an interview with Dave Colclough Global Head of Operations at Dialogue Group.

Please contact Dana Hare at dana.hare@proactive-pr.com or call +44 (0) 7899 914168, if you would like more information or would like to arrange an interview with Dialogue Group at Mobile World Congress. For more information about Dialogue, please visit the website at www.dialogue.net or follow @dialogue_tweets on Twitter.

About Dialogue Group

Dialogue Group is the longest established international A2P SMS messaging company as it approaches its 21st anniversary. Dialogue focuses on providing A2P SMS traffic monetisation software and supporting services to the world’s Mobile Network Operators. Headquartered in Sheffield, UK, the company has offices in London, Sydney and Singapore, and is proud and committed to the comprehensive quality of service it provides, including software usability, message gateway performance and customer care. It is able to use its unique knowledge and expertise to competently deliver efficient, reliable and secure messaging delivery services. For more information visit www.dialogue.net.

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