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Dialogue Introduces New Components to A2P SMART Hub

by david.nunes

Dialogue Group Introduces New Components to the A2P SMART Hub

The A2P SMART Hub product suite will enable Mobile Operators to successfully monetise their A2P SMS traffic

12 March 2015, London Dialogue Group, the leading provider of A2P SMS traffic monetisation software and services, has today announced the expansion of its A2P SMART Hub product suite. Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) who join the A2P SMART Hub can utilise these products and services to quickly increase revenues by legitimising and monetising their A2P SMS traffic.

“Many MNOs are unaware that grey route traffic is terminating on their network, or are simply not aware of the extent of this. The introduction of the new components to the A2P SMART Hub addresses this problem and is really easy to deploy,” said Perry Offer, CEO of Dialogue Group. “Before beginning a partnership, we analyse every MNO’s situation to accurately identify and recommend the best combination of SMART components to enable MNOs to fully monetise their A2P SMS revenues.”

Dialogue’s A2P SMART Hub extended product suite now delivers a monetisation process with a maximum of three stages that is designed to help MNOs maximise their A2P SMS revenues and protect their network against A2P fraud by bringing all A2P traffic on-net.

Stage 1 – SMART Sentinel is an A2P SMS market analysis tool, providing MNOs with a 360 degree view of their network that enables them to easily identify and block up to 90% of fraudulent A2P traffic sources. The tool can detect fraud by identifying grey routes, as well as highlighting other areas of network leakage, such as domestic interconnect and misuse of VAS links. It provides revenue assurance by enabling MNO’s to grow and sustain monetisation of A2P traffic and gives access to reporting and management tools that give immediate notification when a new grey route is detected. By using SMART Sentinel, MNOs can recognise significant revenues within just two to six weeks.

Stage 2 – SMART Firewall solution enables MNOs to implement a content filtering solution where automated rules are applied to deliver 100% on-net A2P SMS traffic. This automated technology is capable of filtering based on specific aspects of the message content – for example, blocking by the Originating Address (OA), particular keywords as well as detecting SIM farms.

Stage 3 – SMART Gateway is a fully managed, outsourced solution for A2P SMS. This product provides a single point of entry into an operator’s network that is fully trusted to terminate 100% on-net A2P SMS traffic. This means Dialogue manages all connections with A2P SMS partners to terminate their A2P SMS traffic and handles all third-party billing, making the lives of MNOs much easier.

Joining the A2P SMART Hub not only helps MNOs generate sustainable revenues but also helps to optimise the use of internal resources.  Dialogue is committed to a 100% on-net SMS traffic delivery and is rapidly becoming known in the marketplace as the only sustainable company for taking a stand against A2P SMS fraud.

Dialogue’s A2P SMART Hub has already helped a number of MNOs identify non-monetised A2P SMS sources and provided the right tools to bring their traffic A2P messaging on-net, including Grameenphone, a leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh and another leading provider in Asia-Pacific.

“Our new ‘best in class’ suite of products will further enhance our existing SMART Hub and can guarantee MNOs 100 percent A2P SMS monetisation,” added Paul Garner, Global Director of Sales at Dialogue Group. “In the right market conditions and with the right level of resource from the MNOs, we’ve helped many to reach 80 to 90 percent effectiveness in just two weeks, followed by complete 100 percent effectiveness not long after. More typically the full A2P monetisation process takes around six weeks.”

To watch Perry Offer, CEO of Dialogue Group and Paul Garner, Global Director of Sales at Dialogue Group explain more about the new SMART Hub products, please visit here.

For media information, please contact Dana Hare at dana.hare@proactive-pr.com or Sian Borrill at sian.borrill@proactive-pr.com or call +44 (0) 7899 914168. For more information about Dialogue, please visit the website at www.dialogue.net or follow @dialogue_tweets on Twitter.



About Dialogue Group

Dialogue Group is the longest established international A2P SMS messaging company as it approaches its 21st Anniversary. It has extensive knowledge and experience of all aspects of the A2P market and through its A2P SMART Hub – a totally unique solution that guides operators through all the processes they need to filter their A2P traffic – the company helps Mobile Network Operators to successfully monetise their A2P traffic and realise millions of dollars in additional and sustainable revenues. Dialogue Group is a member of GSMA which represents the interests of mobile operators worldwide. Headquartered in Sheffield, UK, the company has offices in London, Sydney and Singapore. For more information visit www.dialogue.net.


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