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Digital Identification Solutions Receives Orders for Three State Drivers License Programs

by david.nunes

Piedmont, SC, USA/Stuttgart, Germany, August 17, 2010 – The USA office of the Digital Identification Solutions (DISO) group of companies announced today that it has recently received purchase orders from three separate driver license programs. The first of the orders is from L-1 Identity Solutions for the State of Kentucky, and another is from 3M for the State of Arkansas. Furthermore, the State of South Carolina, a very satisfied DISO customer for several years, has also decided to extend its current install base.

These three programs together will utilize approximately 500 additional EDIsecure® printers and laminators. The total order value to DISO over the next few years from these programs is estimated to be in excess of $5 million USD.

When combined with the EDIsecure® drivers license (DL) printers already deployed in the states of South Carolina and Mississippi, there will be over 600 EDIsecure® printers and laminators in use in the U.S. driver license market, and roughly 4 million cards produced per year on this equipment.

“We are very pleased about these orders and the upcoming deployments,” says Ed Cochran, General Manager for the Americas’ regions of DISO. “While the future of the U.S. and even worldwide economies remain uncertain, these orders are evidence that state governments still need to and will make investments in new solutions to continue to serve the citizens of their state. At the same time, we think our track record for reliability and uptime in our existing two state DL programs, along with our reputation for strong post-sales support, is getting noticed, and our clients realize that we truly can offer them the lowest total cost of ownership. We remain excited about this market and the opportunities on the horizon.”

Gerd Schaefer, CEO of the DISO group comments: “From a global point of view, I am more than happy that our US operations are performing so well in these very demanding North American DL markets and that they are now catching up to the many international drivers license programs that we have already deployed across the world. I am personally thrilled that state customers utilize various options from our personalization portfolio, both retransfer and direct-to-card printing, which shows us that we have the right selection available for different customer needs.” “Stay tuned for more to come in that regards”, Schaefer adds.

About Digital Identification Solutions

The Digital Identification Solutions Group is a global provider of advanced identification solutions with a
worldwide installed base of more than 11,000 systems. In October 2009 the Group introduced to the world
market the latest EDIsecure® XID Retransfer Printer generations for distinct Business Line segments as
well as a much enhanced Professional Line Portfolio in combination with new Inline Lamination Modules.
The Professional Line Portfolio will support multiple new modules in the forthcoming future, as well as the
revolutionary LCP 9000 Laser Color Personalization System, which had been pre-announced already
earlier. The company has own sales-, marketing-, logistic- and support centers in Germany, the United
Arab Emirates, Singapore, China, the United States and Mexico. Together with its vast network of certified
partners, Digital Identification Solutions is in a position to deliver state-of-the-art solutions virtually
anywhere in the world. The company combines cutting-edge technology, extensive industry know-how
and an impressive array of references in the private and public sector.

For further information please visit www.digital-identification.com

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