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Digital lifelines – building the digital world

by david.nunes
Reza JafariIssue:Global-ICT 2006
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Topic:Digital lifelines – building the digital world
Author:Reza Jafari
Title:Managing Director of International for NeuStar, Chairman of ITU TELECOM World 2006 Forum
Organisation:NeuStar/ITU TELECOM World 2006 Forum
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Reza Jafari is the Managing Director of International for NeuStar. He has more than 25 years of experience in the Telecommunications, Information Technology and Media Industries. Prior to joining NeuStar, Mr Jafari was the Chairman and CEO of Omega Partners. Before that, Mr Jafari served as the Group President of EDS’ Global Communications, Media and Entertainment Industry Group, and as the President and CEO of the Satellite Conference Network. He is a board member of ITU TELECOM and the Chairman of ITU TELECOM World 2006 Forum. Mr Jafari is also the Chairman of the Advisory Board of India, China and America (ICT) Institute. Reza Jafari received his MBA from Indiana University and serves on the Dean’s Advisory Council.

Article abstract

Mobile telephony is possibly the fastest growing technology in history. So far, voice calling has pushed its growth, but wireless broadband technologies – including WiFi, 3G cellular and WiMAX and Internet Protocol-based standards such as IMS – make many new voice, video and text services available. Users will be able to choose the access network that gives them the best price or availability for services such as push-to-talk, video sharing, content sharing, presence, messaging (SMS, MMS) and voice over IP, VoIP.

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The ICT Industry is on the brink of a fundamental transformation. We have never been faced with such multi-faceted complexity in the history of our industry. The paradigm shift has a profound impact on our eco-system and our business models. ICT is the foundation and central pillar of the Digital World. Digital technology continues to transform profoundly the way we work, play and live. We have to innovate, to build and to lead. During the past five years, the ICT sector has proved its resilience and commitment to growth. We ejected a few incompetent and untrustworthy leaders of our sector. Hence, we restored the trust and confidence of our customers and stakeholders. As the infrastructure of infrastructures, we are well aware of our critical role in the global economy. We make significant contributions to the success of every industry in every corner of the world in serving their customers and delivering a satisfactory user experience. At the same time, we must remind ourselves everyday that we are not only here for our customers; rather, we are here because of our customers. Access and productivity have exceeded the limitations of time and space. This did not happen with a big bang. Email became the Killer App but, in retrospect, not by design. SMS began its life as an addendum to voice service. Now, with personal instant messaging, IM, and presence we are about to see history repeat itself. Mobile and IP technologies form the centrepiece of the digital world. Convergence of fixed and mobile communications promises many more possibilities. It took the mobile industry 12 years to deliver the first billion users. The second billion took 30 months. On average, one thousand connections are made every minute around the globe. Next Generation networks are embracing new technologies such as HSDPA and WiMax. We have proven to the world that the developing economies are financially and socially rewarding. Our business models with low cost handsets and infrastructure are delivering positive results. The advanced economies of the world have a lot to learn from the developing world because we are ‘interdependent’ – to each others’ success, to each others’ prosperity and to each others’ life. The next generation of our leaders will be global citizens. Digital technology, ICT, has brought the members of the ‘Global Village’ closer together. Policy-makers and regulators have to continue demonstrating their flexibility and foresight. We utilize our lessons learned and continue our journey of transformation and dynamic change. From ‘irrational exuberance’ to ‘techno -optimism’, from a burst-bubble to steady-growth and from digital divide to digital opportunities, this is another reminder for all of us that we can make anything and everything possible if we put passion behind it and clarity in front. Let’s continue our quest to build a Digital World and offer each and every citizen of the world a Digital Lifeline.

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