2U server offers excellent balance of processor density and value

October 15 2010 – Digital Networks has launched a new AMD Opteron server with 48 processor cores. The Teraserve R2850 features quad AMD 6000 Series processors and can handle up to 512GB of memory.

Various vendors announced their 48 core servers as early as March 2010, but they have only just begun shipping.

Ideal for virtualization and high-performance computing (HPC), the Teraserve R2850 is a quad socket, 2U rack server that offers an excellent balance of processor density and value.

–   Quad AMD 6000 Series processors
–   Up to 48 processor cores
–   Quad channel DDR3 memory
–   Up to 512GB of RAM
–   SATA or SAS storage with a maximum storage capacity of 8TB
–   Gigabit, 10 Gigabit and InfiniBand network options
–   Linux, Windows and VMware operating system options

The Teraserve R2850 server is offered at a fraction of the cost of equivalent Intel based servers.

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About AMD
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About DNUK
DNUK builds storage and virtualization systems. Our platforms focus on technical solutions and are designed to reduce your costs and simplify management. We’ve been building Linux systems since 1998 and we offer standards-based platforms that integrate with Windows, Linux, Unix and Mac networks.

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