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Digital Realty Signs Long Term Lease With Ecritel In Paris

by david.nunes

Digital Realty Signs Long Term Lease With Ecritel In Paris

– Ecritel to Expand Data Centre Footprint to Meet Growing Demand for Cloud Services

LONDON, May 21, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Digital Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: DLR), a leading global provider of data centre solutions, has signed a new long-term lease with Ecritel, a provider of internet hosting and managed services for businesses, at Digital Realty’s Paris facility. The lease commenced 1 April 2012.

Ecritel has experienced a surge in demand for its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions, as clients migrate an increasing volume of data into hosted and cloud-based environments. The partnership with Digital Realty will allow Ecritel to replicate its existing IaaS offering thanks to the new 4,300 square feet (400 square meter) facility in the greater Paris region, giving greater capacity to manage this growing demand from its expanding roster of clients.

Commenting on the agreement, Christophe Doveil, Managing Director at Ecritel said: “Since 2003 our strategy has been to focus on delivering expertise to our clients through our services. By partnering with Digital Realty for our new site, we were able to remove the challenge of building the data centre ourselves, while enabling us to ensure a continuity of these services 24/7/365. The necessity for high-end technology, tightened security and guaranteed availability are becoming increasingly central to Infrastructure-as-a-Service. We know Digital Realty has the expertise and scope to match our demands.”

Adam Levine, Vice President, Europe at Digital Realty, added: “As organisations increasingly move data into hybrid cloud infrastructures, it fuels significant expansion opportunities for cloud service providers. Ecritel is amongst the very best of these. The growth in demand for facilities that provide a megawatt or less is a sign that such service providers are reacting to this shift and are planning to capitalise on increased maturity in the cloud computing market. At Digital Realty we’re helping to ensure that businesses of all sizes are able to meet their data centre expansion requirements, be it on a large scale or a modular basis.”

Ecritel’s new data centre will be supported by dedicated power and cooling infrastructure provided as part of Digital Realty’s POD Architecture® data centre design, ensuring that the facility remains operationally independent. Ecritel will also benefit from the lower energy costs associated with Digital Realty’s facility.

About Digital Realty Trust, Inc.

Digital Realty Trust, Inc. focuses on delivering customer driven data center solutions by providing secure, reliable and cost effective facilities that meet each customer’s unique data center needs. Digital Realty’s customers include domestic and international companies across multiple industry verticals ranging from information technology and Internet enterprises, to manufacturing and financial services. Digital Realty’s 102 properties, excluding three properties held as investments in unconsolidated joint ventures, comprise approximately 19.1 million square feet as of April 26, 2012, including 2.2 million square feet of space held for redevelopment. Digital Realty’s portfolio is located in 31 markets throughout Europe, North America, Singapore and Australia. Additional information about Digital Realty is included in the Company Overview, which is available on the Investors page of Digital Realty’s website at http://www.digitalrealty.com/.

About Ecritel

Ecritel provides custom dedicated hosting and facilities management services. As a leading provider, Ecritel advises and assists small and medium enterprises as well as large accounts, notably in e-commerce, as they optimize and manage their infrastructure.

Ecritel is a key player in Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) and specializes in hosting secure, critical sites and Web and mobile applications. Ecritel is recognized for its powerful solutions, customized offer, and international footprint. For further information, see http://www.ecritel.fr/.

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