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Digital threats in Cyber life

by david.nunes

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Global-ICT 2012
22th November 2012

Dear Reader,

From the desktop through smartphones to transport systems and national energy supplies, our dependence on IT infrastructure is ubiquitous. And, so far, individuals and society have weathered the security and privacy problems that this dependence entails. But that is about to change.

This issue of Connect-World contains a series of wake-up calls for individuals, companies and governments. The risks and threat levels have suddenly got higher; much, much higher. The cyber world has become a very dangerous place indeed. Cyber threats have matured.

At a personal level we should all take note of the articles in this issue admitting that current protection provided by the cyber security industry is grossly inadequate. Cloud computing could well provide a solution but the situation seems destined to get worse before it gets better. And we often have ourselves to blame – careless usage of mobile phones and social networks are exposing us to ever increasing risks and the now almost inevitable regular violations of privacy.

But it’s at the national and global level that cyber threats have really come of age. Cyber attacks have now developed into full blown cyber warfare and cyber espionage is a tool currently being deployed by many governments.

Cyber warfare attacks on systems that are critical to national economies and global security have recently been unearthed. The potential for economic, social and human disruption on a global scale is enormous. Without international agreement on cooperation, non-proliferation and non-usage of cyber weapons, the future looks very much uncertain.

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Global-ICT 2012
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This issue is devoted to Digital threats in Cyber life and features the following articles by sector leaders:


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Stuart Sharrock

Stuart Sharrock
Editorial Consultant

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