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Digital Vision Strides Into the Future with Image Systems Acquisition

by david.nunes

Digital Vision Strides Into the Future with Image Systems Acquisition

Company Deepens Capabilities, Expands Resources and Unveils Dynamic Reorganization Plans

By Mikael Jacobsson, CEO, Image Systems

April 6, 2011


In December of 2010, Digital Vision began the acquisition of Image Systems. It is with great enthusiasm that I report that the deal is now finalized and will take effect on April 15th, 2011. The companies will combine to serve the defense, aircraft, automotive, R&D and entertainment industries with a new organization, expanded operations, and a multi-industry suite of solutions.

When companies evolve, important questions arise from the industry and customers. I hope that this Q&A answers these questions while conveying the deep commitment to, and anticipation of, the great things that are in store for all of us.

The New Identity

Digital Vision leads the media and entertainment industry in image processing, color grading, and restoration while Image Systems creates solutions for 2D-3D, motion analysis, film scanners, and other image tools used in the global aerospace, defense, media and automotive industries. After careful market analysis it became apparent that the core strength of the company rests in “image science.” As a result, the decision was made to retain the Image Systems name and logo as a more accurate representation of the new company’s services in the marketplace.


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At this point though I want to make it clear that the core strengths of Digital Vision, its team, its expertise, and its customer-centric attitude will powerfully guide the new Image Systems brand. In addition, the product line names – Nucoda and Phoenix, will remain untouched, keeping the customer connected to these highly regarded Digital Vision tools.

My Path to CEO

On April 15th, 2011, I will officially step in as CEO of the new Image Systems, taking over the reins from Bengt Broman who will be stepping down. For my part, I have been integrally involved in building Image Systems and other operations in the image market for more than 25 years. My leadership roles at Image Systems and in other leading companies have allowed me to fully understand the role of image processing and science in a variety of enterprises. We have been working diligently on planning the next phase of the new Image Systems, and over the next six months we will continue to keep our customers and the market informed.

How the Business Units will Function

As outlined above, the primary markets we will serve are media and broadcast, defense, automotive and high-speed motion analysis applications. We are building the synergies across the product, channel and R&D lines of the new Image Systems, and are making sure that all of our customers benefit from this powerful alignment. To this end we are creating three new business units to bring the right solutions to the respective markets whilst allowing the Image Systems group to benefit from shared R&D and services.

§ Media

§ Defense

§ Motion

This first step of a longer integration plan will keep operations running smoothly,


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manage expenditures, and maintain or surpass our current levels of profitability. It will

also allow us to identify future “cross selling” opportunities with the objective to broaden the markets for all developed software and interesting technologies. Over the next few months, we will announce the next stages of the integration plan.

How will this Affect the Customer?

Our first concern is to communicate to the marketplace that the Image Systems acquisition and the rebranding of the company will result in a much stronger business entity. With the creation of the new Media Business Unit we will offer an enhanced product offering to current Digital Vision and Image Systems customers along with the following:

Our promise and number one priority is that they will receive the same high-level dedication to customer service that has marked these companies since their inception.

The breadth of R&D for all divisions will be significantly expanded. There will be greater opportunities for product integration and cross selling of applications and products. DI, restoration and archiving solutions will grow. Combining the Golden Eye scanner and the Nucoda and Phoenix solutions, we will deliver end-to-end solutions that are unique to the industry.

The Team

Digital Vision and Image Systems have been built on the efforts of a talented team of engineers, customer experts, sales, and managers. The current London office will become the new Media Business Unit headquarters centered on sales, marketing and product development, whilst the Los Angeles office will remain the US headquarters for the company. I am also delighted to announce that Martin Bennett is stepping up to lead


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the Media Business Unit, where he will spearhead our efforts in the film and television industries, globally. Martin, who has been with Digital Vision since 2009, brings a wide variety of skills to this role, not the least of which is a deep understanding of the customer.

What will be on Show at NAB?

At NAB, we will exhibit and be unveiled as one company. Stop by our booth, #SL6920, and meet the Image Systems team. You will recognize faces from Digital Vision and Image Systems, and meet new ones. The latest Nucoda and Phoenix grading and restoration platforms, the Precision touch-screen grading panel, the Golden Eye III and Golden Eye Archiver will be on the stand to present solutions to all of the markets served by the new Image Systems. We are looking forward to NAB and to seeing our community there.

The Future:

As we progress into the new Image Systems, I assure you that this newly formed company will bring deep expertise and innovation to the business units that it serves. I look forward to working with our colleagues, clients and collaborators to build the next phase of a truly exciting enterprise.

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