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Digitata integrates Totogi Charging-as-a-Service to deliver dynamic pricing to telcos

by Anthony Weaver

Software solution capable of launching plans in minutes to increase ARPU

AUSTIN, TX, October 27th, 2022  – Totogi, the leading provider of public cloud-based telco software, today announced it has successfully completed the integration of the Totogi Charging-as-a-Service with Digitata, a software company focused on providing Industry 4.0 solutions to the telecommunications industry. The result is an end-to-end software solution which allows Digitata to create dynamic, personalized offers for subscribers in real-time based on their needs, context and affordability.

Unlike legacy vendor solutions, Totogi Charging-as-a-Service allows Digitata to launch plans in a matter of minutes with simple API calls without worrying about the underlying systems upgrades, customization or consulting. Purchasing Totogi, through live deployment, was achieved with ease. Digitata was able to purchase the service directly from AWS Marketplace in just a few clicks, with no procurement headaches. The integration that followed took less than half a day to complete and Digitata was able to start delivering real-time offers within 24 hours. Digitata will now be able to offer customers dynamic pricing, and bespoke plans that maximize CSP ARPU by being tailored to each unique subscriber.

Richard Walton, CEO at Digitata said: “As a product business, the more time we spend on integration services means less time delivering customer value through innovation and product development. The Totogi platform removes loads of operational burden, work hours, delays and frustration which means we can launch quicker, deliver value quicker and innovate quicker. We see key opportunities in MVNO, MVNE and emerging market MNOs to take this service to market.”

Nico Kruger, Chief Technology Officer at Digitata added: “From a technical perspective, Totogi Charging-as-a-Service and APIs are a breath of fresh air. It is simple and modern. It was easy to integrate and intuitive to program with. It is refreshing to see modern technologies such as GraphQL being leveraged for the APIs, this lowers the integration time and burden. The industry should move towards such modern standards and methods as all participants in the ecosystem benefit through the implementation of such tech. I want all charging systems to be this easy.”

Danielle Royston, Acting CEO of Totogi, concluded: “Dinosaur vendors are full of BSS. They promise market-leading tech, but take six months to launch a plan. Our project with Digitata shows how an API-first platform like Totogi can be bought with a click of a button, deployed in hours, and be fully operational in days. The simplicity of Totogi allows plans to be crafted in minutes and deployed in real-time. If you’re an MVNO who’s tired of being held back by your BSS vendor, you should give Totogi a try today.”

Totogi’s Charging-as-a-Service is the first and only multi-tenant 5G and 4G charging engine and plan design tool in the world. It is available in AWS Marketplace across all 26 regions. For one cent USD, service providers can use the service immediately and only begin to pay $50 USD per million transactions once they exceed 500 million transactions per month, or approximately 250k subscribers. It delivers an estimated 80% lower total cost of ownership compared to single-instance private cloud or on-premise deployment scenarios.

To learn more about Totogi’s Charging-as-a-Service and begin a free pilot, visit AWS Marketplace. To learn more about Totogi, visit Totogi.com.

About Totogi

Totogi’s world-class, carrier-grade BSS enhancement platform is used by CSPs and software developers to supercharge their current BSS with services such as charging with real-time usage insights, dynamic plan design, pre-negotiated marketplace offers, and more. Born natively in the public cloud, Totogi can scale up to 1 million transactions per second to instantly handle charging for 1 billion subscribers. Because Totogi is 100% API-driven, telcos of all sizes can easily integrate new services to craft superior subscriber experiences. Totogi offers usage-based pricing, with a free tier through 250k subscribers – a model that is catalyzing innovation in the telecom industry. Totogi is an Amazon Partner and is available to buy in the AWS Marketplace. Learn more at Totogi.com.

About Digitata

Digitata is the market leader in AI/ML based dynamic pricing of products and services for communication service providers (CSPs). Digitata’s dynamic pricing platform, Vaitom, uses AI/ML techniques together with customer behavioural data to optimise the pricing of mobile voice, data and digital services to achieve CSPs specific strategic objectives which includes driving adoption of data and digital services, growing customer loyalty, protecting voice revenue, monetising and managing network capacity, accelerating adoption of 5G. Subscribers benefit through amazing customer experiences through personalised and cost effective mobile voice, data and digital services which enable them to be digitally connected. Find out more at digitata.com 

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