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DIMOCO buys majority share in the agent factory GmbH

by david.nunes

DIMOCO buys majority share in the agent factory GmbH

Sales offensive planned to expand the mobile travel companion easy.GO 


Brunn am Gebirge, 26 July 2011 – DIMOCO http://www.dimoco.at, the leading provider of mobile transaction services in the CEE countries buys a majority share (84.5 percent) in the agent factory GmbH. The company, based in Jena (Germany), developed easy.GO, the mobile travel companion, and together with DIMOCO and backed by a sales campaign is set to expand to other public transportation companies. 


“Following a year of getting to know each other and two years of engagement, we have finally gotten married!! DIMOCO is not just an investor; they are a strategic partner who will help us in our push to cooperate with network operators and to significantly expand mobile payment for ticket services. Furthermore, this type of cooperation is the next step in European expansion for both our companies“, says Michael Selle, Managing Director of the agent factory GmbH. “With easy.GO we have a strong mobile ticketing solution that fits perfectly into our mobile payment core business portfolio and our added value chain”, explain the two DIMOCO CEOs Gerald Tauchner and Roland Tauchner, adding: “This takes us a step further in implementing our DIMOCO strategy”.


DIMOCO buys majority share in the agent factory

With an 84.5 percent share in the agent factory GmbH, DIMOCO pursues its goal of leadership in mobile transaction processing and above all in further expansion in the mobile ticketing sector. With easy.GO, the agent factory has developed and provides the first mobile travel companion all over Germany with registration-free ticket purchases possible via cell phone. The mobile application offers timetable information in real time, ticket billing via cell phone invoice and is available for the iPhone, for Android operating systems and many BlackBerry models. easy.GO is currently available in the entire central German public transportation network (MDV). This means that more than two million people in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, including the cities of Leipzig and Halle, can plan their public transportation trips using easy.GO and pay directly with just a click in the application. Together with DIMOCO as a partner in the background, a sales offensive is being planned to expand easy.GO to other public transport companies. Additional regions are also about to be added as well as an extensive navigation function in easy.GO. The agent factory currently employs 15 people in Germany. A change in location or a merger are not planned at this time; the two companies will continue to operate independently of each other.


About the agent factory GmbH

The Thuringia-based company was founded in 2003 as the result of a research project carried out by the Friedrich-Schiller University in Jena, and rapidly developed from a startup to a profitable company with 15 employees. In the course of the company’s history, solid partnerships with network providers, research institutes, ÖPNV associations and other companies in the same sector were formed. Today the agent factory possesses in-depth expertise, resources, know-how and provides added value to the public commuter transportation sector and the mobile information and commerce segment.


About DIMOCO Direct Mobile Communications GmbH

DIMOCO was founded in the year 2000 and has become one of the leading providers in the mobile messaging and payment sectors in Central and Eastern Europe. The company develops, operates and markets a mobile messaging and payment transaction hub. With this hub, DIMOCO bundles connections to mobile service providers in Central and Eastern Europe as well as connections to messaging hubs around the world. Thus DIMOCO offers business customers an easy and simple means of handling their mobile messaging and payment transactions. For more information about DIMOCO please visit http://www.dimoco.at


Questions & Enquiries:

Mag. (FH) Margit Anglmaier; DIMOCO – Direct Mobile Communications GmbH

Campus 21, Liebermannstraße A01/405; A-2345 Brunn/Gebirge

Tel: +43/1/33 66 888-2059; E-Mail: m.anglmaier@dimoco.at ; http://www.dimoco.at 


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