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DIMOCO scores with new mobile payment service in the Czech Republic

by david.nunes

DIMOCO scores with new mobile payment service in the Czech Republic

Gateway Billing offers business customers greater price flexibility


Brunn am Gebirge, 27th September 2011 – Mobile Payment transaction partner DIMOCO – http://www.dimoco.org – scores with a new service in the Czech Republic. As of immediately, DIMOCO is offering billing via the billing gateways of the three biggest network operators in the country (T-Mobile, Telefonica o2 and Vodafone) thereby reaching almost 100% of Czech mobile phone users. Moreover, companies connecting to the DIMOCO Hub also benefit from the new billing method in terms of greater price flexibility and trouble-free service setup for their mobile payment transactions.


“The mobile payment trend is going full steam ahead,” reports Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO CEO, adding: “This is exactly the trend we aim to follow with new services and products for our international mobile payment customers in the CEE markets. Our customers include companies in all types of industries and sectors – for example app developers, online media and payment providers in the gaming sector. “



Gateway Billing now available in the Czech Republic

DIMOCO develops, operates and markets a mobile messaging and payment transaction hub. This hub, which has now been expanded to include the interface to the billing gateways of the Czech network operators, manages the connections to mobile network operators. DIMOCO thus offers companies an additional mobile payment service for billing digital content in the mobile and web sectors. In response to the international trend towards micropayments for digital goods, DIMOCO and the network operators now also offer different billing service models for a variety of content categories in the Czech Republic. This makes it possible to respond to the exact needs of the respective content industries throughout the entire ordering and billing process.


The advantages of Gateway Billing

Gateway Billing is a form of mobile payment and offers companies the possibility to bill their customers for their digital content orders via the customers‘ cell phone invoices. The goods can be ordered (the opt-in method) either via mobile or classic web, depending on the service provider’s requirements. The billing itself is transacted via the consumer’s existing cell phone plan and not via value-added SMS, but via the DIMOCO hub’s direct connection to the network operators’ billing systems. This billing connection has several advantages for the content providers when it comes to ease of setting up the service and managing the transactions that were not possible with the billing system used to date, i.e. via value added SMS. Thus, Gateway Billing makes it easier for the customer to order services while ensuring a higher conversion rate for the business customers along with a more flexible tariff range between 1 CZK up to 1,500 CZK per transaction.



DIMOCO develops, operates and markets a mobile messaging and payment transaction hub. In this “hub” DIMOCO bundles connections to mobile network operators in Central and Eastern Europe as well as connections to messaging hubs around the world. With these connections, DIMOCO provides business customers with an opportunity to transact their SMS messaging services as well as operating mobile operator payment services – i.e. billing digital content via the consumers’ cell phone invoices. To ensure fast and simple connections to the transaction hub, DIMOCO provides interfaces optimized for the requirements of each individual customer group. Currently, mobile payment customers can reach more than 260 million end customers via DIMOCO and in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia. For more information about DIMOCO please visit http://www.dimoco.at  



Margit Anglmaier; DIMOCO – Direct Mobile Communications GmbH

Campus 21, Liebermannstraße A01/405; A-2345 Brunn/Gebirge

Tel: +43/1/33 66 888-2059; E-Mail: m.anglmaier@dimoco.at, http://www.dimoco.at 



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