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Direct Carrier Billing in Finland via DIMOCO available

by david.nunes

Direct Carrier Billing in Finland via DIMOCO available

Digital content can be billed with one-click payment

Brunn am Gebirge/Vienna (Austria), 16 April 2015 – European Carrier Billing Specialist DIMOCO http://www.dimoco.eu offers a new payment technology in Finland. From now on, digital content can be billed via DIMOCO Direct Carrier Billing on the Finnish market. While users benefit from a simple, quick and secure check-out process to pay for their content via their mobile network operators’ invoices, merchants profit from an additional sales channel with higher conversion rates.*

“Finland is a highly-developed mobile market, perfect for carrier billing as a payment option in digital content stores”, says Gerald Tauchner, DIMOCO co-founder and CEO, adding: “Having direct carrier billing now available in Finland will give our customers a tremendous sales boost”.

DIMOCO Direct Carrier Billing now available in Finland

DIMOCO http://www.dimoco.eu launches direct carrier billing on the Finnish market. From now on, merchants can implement the new payment product within their digital content stores and profit from this simple, secure and quick check-out process for their users and higher conversion rates for their business success.

As confirmed in the current Juniper Research white paper, carrier billing is the user-preferred payment option for billing digital content: 75% of European users prefer carrier billing if the payment option is available in digital content stores.

Finland: A highly developed mobile market

With 6.34 million smartphones, accounting for 84.1 percent of all available handsets, Finland is one of the most highly developed telecommunications markets in Europe. “Smartphones are an interesting market indicator – making easy-one-click ordering of digital content possible. If direct carrier billing is then offered as a payment option, the digital content storefront will be even more successful”, comments Tauchner. DIMOCO carrier billing is available from now on to bill digital content in a price range of 10 cents up to 60 euros and can be implemented by merchants trading in the Finnish market. Users conveniently order their digital content on their smartphones and confirm their payment with one simple click.

Finnish Carrier Billing Market

·         Mobile network operators: Sonera, Elisa/Saunalahti, DNA

·         139.7% Handset Penetration*

·         7.54 million handsets*

·         6.34 million smartphones (84.1%)*

·         1.2 million mass market handsets (15.9%)*


European Carrier Billing Market*

·         Carrier billing implementation sees higher conversion rates & transaction values: First-time conversion rates with carrier billing 70%, compared to 10-12% with credit cards. The uplift is particularly pronounced for micro-payments (under 10 euros). For repeat purchases, the conversion rate with carrier billing is 80-88%, as opposed to 20-25% credit card billing.

·         Value of digital content billed via carrier billing: From approx. EUR 1.8 billion in 2014, the value of digital content billed via carrier billing will rise to nearly EUR 9.8 billion in 2019, an average annual growth of 41% over the forecasted period.

·         The digital content market in Europe: The European digital content market is expected to increase from an estimated EUR 23 billion in 2014 to 35.7 billion in 2019. Games and videos will remain the most popular carrier billing content categories, generating combined sales of more than EUR 5.3 billion annually by 2019.


*Source: DIMOCO & Juniper Research White Paper 2015, Download:  http://www.dimoco.eu/download2015.html


Since the company was founded in the year 2000, DIMOCO has been working constantly on intensifying its partnerships with the European mobile network operators, such as the Finnish carriers to make direct carrier billing possible. Today, the company is a leading carrier billing provider in Europe and gives merchants the opportunity to bill their digital content via the users’ mobile phone bills. Currently, 1 billion consumers can be reached via DIMOCO Carrier Billing.


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