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Ditching traditional accountancy software sees 5 per cent turnover increase for Joineryworkshop.com

by david.nunes

Ditching traditional accountancy software sees 5 per cent turnover increase for Joineryworkshop.com

Moving to Xero’s online accounting software delivers significant ROI for UK SME business Joineryworkshop.com

13th March, 2013. Joineryworkshop.com a profitable, fast-growing UK business has ditched traditional accountancy software, moved to online accounting software, and seen significant improvements to productivity and turnover in less than 18 months. In the first year of using Xero’s online accountancy software, owner and founder, Rob Dixon has attributed a 5% increase in turnover after switching from a traditional package offered by Sage, to Xero.

Specialising in the restoration of sash windows in period properties, Joineryworkshop.com had found a niche market and the company grew quickly to achieve a £1.5m turnover. However, using old style accountancy software meant they were unable to get a transparent view of day to day cashflow and profitability, and given the business was franchise-based it became increasingly important to give the maximum insight to all stakeholders. Moving to the cloud, and using Xero’s highly intuitive accountancy software has turned the business around. Now Rob and his team can see the position of the business, online either via a laptop or mobile phone at any time wherever they are in the world.

Nicola Wilson, owner of Totally 4 Business, a Manchester-based bookkeeping service advised Rob on how to improve cashflow, get a better, more accurate view of his business. To achieve this, she recommended Xero: “I work with a lot of small to mid-sized businesses across the UK, and a huge contributing factor to their growth and success is the ability to have instant access to financial data that gives clear visibility across the whole of the business,” said Nicola. “Xero gives Rob, particularly as a franchisee-based business, the ability to ensure any financial issues can be solved before they become problematic.”

Rob said, “Because of cloud computing and Xero, I feel empowered as a small business– by giving us access to real-time information about our accounts anywhere, anytime, plus saving us valuable time spent on managing our finances, we can compete at a higher-level. It allows companies like ours to implement systems that allow us to operate at the same level as the multi-nationals. It’s a really exciting time and companies like Xero are right at the forefront of making that happen for us.”

Gary Turner, Managing Director of Xero UK commented, “This is a classic example of how Xero can impact the bottom line for our customers, the difference its made to them has been instrumental to their growth.”

About Xero

Xero provides beautiful, easy to use online accounting software for small businesses and their advisors. The company has over 100,000 paying customers and 200,000 users in more than 100 countries around the world. The company is listed on the NZX and ASX.

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