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Domestic Routing and LNP Functionality of ALOE Systems’ MVTS II Maximizes Profit of the US Carriers

by david.nunes

Domestic Routing and LNP Functionality of ALOE Systems’ MVTS II Maximizes Profit of the US Carriers

Advanced routing capabilities of MVTS II allows for maximization of carriers’ revenue for inter/intrastate calls.

Toronto, ON, March 15, 2011 – ALOE Systems, a leading developer of carrier-grade softswitches, enhanced routing functionality of its flagman solution, MVTS II, and allows the US carriers to protect and increase their revenues.

During the past several years the amount of voice traffic and the complexity of call routing have exponentially grown posing a serious challenge to VoIP carriers. The US local carriers bear the main weight of attack being obliged to comply with dozen of mandatory regulations and optimize millions of translations in LCR tables. Such optimization of domestic routing required an effective switching tool. Such a tool was provided by ALOE Systems.

The North American routing functionality implemented in MVTS II allows to distinguish between interstate and intrastate calls within NA that are billed at different rates since in the US intrastate calls are more expensive than interstate ones. MVTS II allows the carrier to optimize LCR via drawing different routing algorithms for each type of call thus enabling the fast and easy choice of the most profitable route.

“MVTS II is the only way we can profitably sell US domestic termination that is aggressively priced,” stated Jean Gottschalk, President of Telecom North America Inc. The interstate/intrastate/indeterminate routing algorithms and LNP querying feature allow a successful LCR that takes into account the different rules imposed by each of many vendor regarding call jurisdiction and OCN billing. The built in profit control features reliably protect against “cherry picking” in real time and all the time, which eases the workload on our fraud department.”

Telecommunications Act of 1996 has made number portability a must feature for the US carriers. By allowing subscribers to keep their phone numbers when changing service providers, the regulatory bodies provoked an unrestrained competition in the telecommunications industry forcing service providers to offer enhanced services to attract new customers. And wholesalers have come across additional complexities on routing that requires a DB query on every call to ensure accurate routing.

Built-in LNP functionality of MVTS II allows carriers to terminate both mobile and fixed-line traffic to the provider’s network the user is currently assigned to regardless of the number prefix. This provides a significant reduction in termination costs due to lower home-net termination prices offered by operators. MVTS II enables high call processing speed which minimizes latency, optimizes consumption of network resources and enhances the system’s performance.

“The ever growing complexities of the US domestic routing and the mandated number portability have forced carriers to look for highly efficient routing solutions that would bring them the necessary network control to lead the market,” comments Konstantin Nikashov, CEO of ALOE Systems, “We’re glad to provide them with MVTS II which incorporates extremely flexible routing and LNP features thus allowing to reduce termination costs, raise their income to the maximum and optimize the overall network efficiency.”

About ALOE Systems

ALOE Systems develops industry-leading softswitches and session border controllers that enable carriers and service providers to manage VoIP traffic across their networks. ALOE Systems, Inc. is a new identity of MERA Systems, an international telecom software developer with 20+ years of software development expertise. As of August 2010 MERA Systems was renamed “ALOE Systems”, the abbreviation of “A loyalty to excellence” reflecting the company’s field-proven expertise and technological leadership in development of softswitch solutions for wholesale and retail operators. ALOE Systems has 1,000+ customer deployments in 79 countries. ALOE Systems’ innovations solve today’s challenges and lay the ground for tomorrow’s success.

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