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Double Win for Audemat in Korea

by david.nunes

Double Win for Audemat in Korea



Bordeaux-Mérignac – 12th May 2014, WorldCast Systems have announced the sale of two FM-MC4 mobile measurement platforms to separate customers in South Korea.

FMMC4One unit was purchased by CBS, a Christian Broadcasting organisation that operates a nationwide radio network. The other was selected by K Force Media, the national military broadcaster.

The Audemat FM-MC4 is widely regarded as the reference product for regulation authorities, broadcasters and radio stations worldwide. A professional metering unit that can be used for on-site and off-site monitoring, its GPS receiver enables mobile measurement campaigns to be conducted while driving in a vehicle.

Further information on Audemat Mobile Measurement and Test & Measurement products can be found by visiting WorldCast Systems website www.worldcastsystems.com .

About WorldCast Systems

WorldCast Systems (www.worldcastsystems.com) WorldCast Systems is a highly respected provider of professional, reliable and innovative solutions to the Radio & TV industry worldwide.

Encompassing the industry-leading brands of APT, Ecreso & Audemat, WorldCast Systems offers high-performing broadcast systems including audio codecs, FM transmitters and RF signal monitoring designed to meet the needs of both large international broadcast networks and small private stations alike.

WorldCast Systems’ products are deployed throughout the networks of many major public and commercial broadcasters such as the BBC, ARD, the EBU, RTE, TDF, RNE, Teracom, RAI, ORF and Clear Channel Radio.

  • APT Codecs deliver audio over IP, T1, ISDN & Leased Lines. Our award-winning SureStream technology enables high quality audio transport over cost-effective IP links.
  • Ecreso offers highly efficient FM transmitters with extensive inbuilt functionality and highly competitive Total Cost of Ownership.

Audemat provides a range of professional monitoring and measurement tools, complemented by an extensive range of professional software solutions for management, configuration and monitoring of broadcast networks.

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