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DOVADO Launches DOMA for Homes and Small Businesses

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DOVADO Launches DOMA for Homes and Small Businesses

Swedish Mobile Broadband Pioneer Unveils New 4G-capable Router to Suit Larger Footprint

Dubai Internet City, UAE / Kista, Sweden – April 18th, 2012 – DOVADO, the supplier of mobile broadband routers and software, today announced DOVADO DOMA, a 4G-optimized USB Router to succeed the previous field-proven 3GN model. The device is the newest addition to the DOVADO router portfolio and allows people to share 4G/LTE or 3G mobile broadband with ease via Ethernet and Wireless LAN, providing access to all computers and wireless-enabled devices throughout the home or office.

Based on the DOVADO 3GN design, upgraded features include boosted throughput of 4G/LTE (surpassing 70Mbps on the downlink), the capability to re-power an inserted USB modem to prolong the uptime of the Internet connection, and double the WLAN speeds to 300Mbps. Like all of the DOVADO routers, the DOMA supports a growing range of USB modems, with over a dozen models capable of 4G/LTE from all corners of the world.

The DOVADO DOMA contains a SmartUSB port capable of re-powering the inserted USB modem in the event of any failures. It also houses four Ethernet LAN ports, combined with a WAN port along with dual WLAN antennas, providing 300Mbps speed for local wireless connectivity. The DOVADO DOMA can also be instructed to execute tasks via SMS such as a full restart, a cycle of the Internet connection, as well as provide reports or notifications of any unexpected events.

“Much like the 3GN before it, the DOMA is perfectly positioned to target the small enterprises, as it contains multiple LAN ports, high throughput and can satisfy their uptime criteria due to the SmartUSB port that was introduced with the DOVADO TINY,” said Thomas Axaeus, CEO of DOVADO Europe AB. “DOMA is also remarkably simple to configure as it will auto-detect information from the USB modem’s SIM card. Being able to offer this capability will significantly boost our brand and further position our routers as user-friendly. The operator deployment volumes during the past couple of years continue to reflect this.”

DOVADO’s focus on firmware development ensures that firmware updates are available for free from DOVADO or mobile operator websites, and include support for new USB modems, enhancements and innovative features that maximize on the strengths of mobile broadband.

DOVADO DOMA will be available early May and to coincide with its launch, Dovado recently announced Bridge Mode support in the form of a 6.0 firmware upgrade. This feature disables NAT routing and connects existing network and security infrastructure transparently to 4G/LTE, ensuring a fiber-like experience for the customer. For further information on the DOVADO DOMA, visit





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