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dp committed to support SCORM 2004 in the latest release of Speexx language learning solution

by david.nunes

dp committed to support SCORM 2004 in the latest release of Speexx language learning solution


…Compliance and global standards maintain quality and full interoperability…


Munich – Wednesday 7th December 2011 – dp (digital publishing) the global provider of the award winning corporate language training Speexx, today announced that it has received full certification in SCORM 2004 3rd edition by the eLearning industry’s certifying body, Advanced Distributed Learning Institute (ADL). dp’s compliant Speexx language learning solutions will ensure the hassle-free interoperability and reusability of its learning systems and content.


“Our online language training system Speexx certified by ADL is another milestone accomplished by dp,” said Armin Hopp, founder and president of dp. “As a leading provider of online language learning solutions, we understand the value of globally accepted industry standards and their importance to our client’s success.”


The ADL SCORM 2004 certification will provide customers with assurance that Speexx conforms to global standards and that it will fit easily into all technology environments. dp also supports learning industry key standards such as those provided by AICC, IEEE, and IMS which will allow content interoperability, meta-data tagging, and data tracking.


The Sharable Content Object Reference Model (SCORM) is a complete collection of standards and specifications for a comprehensive suite of eLearning capabilities that enable interoperability, accessibility and reusability of web-based learning content, as well as the eLearning industry’s defacto standard.


“Global standards continue to be a vital issue for dp as we continue to develop innovative language learning solutions for the corporate and eLearning market. We are excited to be recognized as a SCORM 2004 compliant player,” adds Hopp.


The Speexx online language learning system provides a scalable, enterprise ready architecture that will meet the needs of even the largest IT environments and multi-location enterprises. Furthermore, Speexx can be deployed on all industry compliant learning management, talent and performance management systems, including Cornerstone OnDemand, CLIX, IBM LearningSpace, Successfactors/Plateau, SAP LSO, Moodle and other open, standards based management systems – with easy-to-use reporting and administration tools.


About Advanced Distributed Learning Initiative (ADL)

The ADL Initiative, sponsored by the Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD) is a collaborative effort, between government, industry, and academia to establish a new learning distribution environment that permits the interoperability of the learning tools and course content on a global scale. ADL promotes collaboration in the development and adoption of tools, specifications, guidelines, policies, and prototypes that make distributed learning accessible, adaptable, affordable, durable, interoperable and reusable. SCORM is a specification of the ADL Initiative.


Academic Advanced Distributed Learning Co-Lab (AADLC) is located in Madison, Wisconsin. Founded in 2000 as an independent node in the ADL Initiative, the AADLC is a nexus of learning technology research and development between academia, government, and industry. The vision of the AADLC is to advance sustainable, immersive, distributed learning technology to enable global access to high-quality educational opportunities.


SCORM and the SCORM logo are certification marks of Concurrent Technologies Corporation of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. The SCORM 2004 Compliant logo indicates that Speexx has been independently tested and certified by an ADL-designated certification organization to comply with SCORM 2004. Successful test results for a product constitute AS IS compliance with SCORM 2004 using the designated tests. Compliance evaluation using SCORM 2004 tests developed by ADL or others does not constitute or imply endorsement or assurance by ADL or others of product utility, quality, or reliability in use or technical accuracy of content.


About dp

dp (digital publishing), the provider of award winning online corporate language training Speexx, offers practical business courses in five languages: English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. The service is provided through a secure online portal or integrated with an existing L&D system to deliver immediate benefits to private and public sector organisations.


The Speexx tools and services are easy to use and scale to the needs of organizations of any size. With more than 7 million users and 1,200 tutors across 80 countries, Speexx is one of the most widely used educational software solutions worldwide. dp has been honored with over 200 international awards. Moreover, dp and the Speexx solution are certified annually by external auditors under the Worlddidac Quality Charter and ISO 9001:2008 and have received full certification in SCORM 2004 3rd Edition. The company was founded in 1994 by Armin Hopp, Alfred Ertl and Jörg Koberling, and is headquartered in Munich, London, Paris, Milan, Madrid and Shanghai. For more information, please visit www.speexx.com.


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