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Drive Control Corporation announces the appointment of new Huawei Enterprise Product Manager

by david.nunes

Drive Control Corporation announces the appointment of new Huawei Enterprise Product Manager

08 April 2014

Distributor Drive Control Corporation (DCC) has appointed Zubair Loonat as its new Huawei Enterprise Product Manager. Loonat will focus on the entire Huawei Enterprise suite of products including servers, storage, switches, security, Unified Communications (UC) and data centres. Loonat is well positioned for the role having gained extensive technical knowledge within the industry and intimate understanding of the Huawei Enterprise products.

Loonat has a passion for IT, specifically hardware, which led him to further focus his studies within IT where he completed his IT Diploma from Johannesburg Technical College with a 93% Honours. To further add to his skills, Loonat obtained various certifications including an Accredited Compaq Technician, an HP Accredited Platform Specialist – Servers and Storage as well as an IBM Professional Server Specialist (PSS).

“My keen interest in IT and technical background is advantageous with my role of product manager. Being part of building a brand such as Huawei, nurturing it, learning from mistakes and the innovation behind the brand is self-satisfying and motivating all at once. I look forward to being part of the success of the Huawei brand and know that my role will contribute towards it,” says Loonat.

Loonat began his career at another IT distributor as a Configuration Technician and later was promoted to Compaq (now known as HP) Server Technician. He was later approached by an IT reseller and joined them as their sales manager. During the course of 2010, Loonat moved to Huawei Technologies as a Server and Storage Product Manager. Loonat was eager to get back into distribution and therefore joined DCC.

Loonat is responsible for the motivation, training and assistance of internal sales on Huawei kit while further marketing the Huawei Enterprise products within the market. Establishing a new reseller base, educating the market on the Huawei products, creating awareness while maintaining and building new relationships will also be key for Loonat. “Brand perception, relationships and incentives are my key focus points in driving the business forward,” says Loonat.

Loonat is ideal for this position after having gained extensive experience from his tenure with the vendor. His extensive knowledge and experience within the channel has allowed him to build pertinent relationships within the industry.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to work with a great team and I certainly look forward to growing the Huawei brand locally and into Africa, taking DCC and Huawei from strength to strength,” concludes Loonat.

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