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DTI Introduces Hardened, Portable Computing System

by david.nunes


September 28, 2010 – Modern Day Marine, Booth 3319 – Diversified Technology, Inc. (DTI) announces the release of a customizable computing system, the PCS-001. This portable system represents DTI’s commitment to high-end communication and processing applications within the militarized battlefield and their need to provide a high performance computing solution in a light, ruggedized platform.

“DTI has a wide range of products that were designed for our military customers”, said Donald Germany, VP of Systems Engineering for Diversified Technology, Inc. “These range from mobile power for HMMWVs and shipboard applications to rugged computing systems such as our new PCS-001. With this portable system we designed the computers components to be housed in a Pelican 1510 case providing a water-tight and sand/dust proof enclosure for the soldier. The basic unit is powered by a COM Express CPU Module based on the Intel Core 2 Duo processor, but the processing system itself is completely customizable to what our customer’s need dictates.”


The PCS-001 from Diversified Technology, Inc. is a highly portable computer system contained in a hardened enclosure. The enclosure is a Pelican 1510 case which is airline carry-on size with wheels and telescoping handles. The PCS-001 is designed for rapid deployment in harsh environments in such a way that that the internal electronics (CPU, Memory, I/O, peripherals, etc) can be easily removed and modified to meet specific customer needs. Flexibility was built into the system so that it can be powered for use in a variety of environments. The system can run from AC power or DC power through a battery or an external DC source. The unit has (2) hard drives (1 active and 1 static backup) and a built-in (4) port ethernet switch. DTI is a US-based company that specializes in meeting the COTS and Custom system needs of our customers.


Diversified Technology, Inc. (DTI) is an embedded hardware company whose strength lies in the cohesive approach we use with our customers. This cohesive approach means DTI works hand-in-hand with companies to ensure they are getting the best performance, highest reliability, shortest time-to-market and the most efficient use of computing hardware for their program’s embedded application. DTI, an Ergon Company, was founded in 1971 and has a history of design experience with standardized form factors from PICMG. (www.dtims.com)











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