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Dusun Promotes Advanced Remote Control Solutions With a Design-Led User Experience

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AMSTERDAM, September 12, 2017 – ​Dusun is announcing at the 2017 IBC trade show, one of the most prestigious Broadcast Television trade events annually held at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam, Netherlands from Sept. 14th through Sept. 19th its commitment to advances in remote control technologies. The Management team will be on hand to schedule introductions and product and technology briefings on its market advantages, speech interaction-based devices and technological expertise.

Dusun is uniquely positioned to offer cost competitive Universal IR remote controls and to also encompass RF wireless connectivity options. With core experience in the field of interactive & intuitive solutions, with voice, touch, virtual reality, and motion pointing features, Dusun is an established and recognized leader in developing and defining in next generation remote control devices.

With Universal IR solution extending a “Best of Class” IR library high code coverage, either embedded in the remote or a Cloud- based downloadable Universal IR code library with upgradeability; is enabling a huge cost advantage over remote control competitors. Additionally, Dusun’s remote control experience using the latest wireless communications among low-power Bluetooth Smart “BLE”, WiFi or Zigbee based RF solution, with bi-directional Voice command and high-quality audio are key elements of its engineering know-how.

Dusun’s R&D and design center offers custom remote ID design rendering, rapid prototyping, and advancing to mass production, with less investment cost than competitors, a reduced lead time and with customer’s design & technical requirements the utmost criteria in the entire creation and development phase of a remote control. 

With a cost-effective approach, Dusun’s customers can create a modern & updated industrial design and differentiated feature-set more so, customers will have greater flexibility and reduced time-to-market concerns with a technology partnership and it’s deep engineering core competencies.

The company’s 16- year history and focus is highly centered on User-Friendly, intuitive and innovative User Interface remote control designs. According to Benny Chan, Chief Executive Officer, “Dusun is pleased to present a portfolio of devices and solutions to Service Providers, OEM’s and STB vendors that are extending the reach of enhanced digital Television services.”

“A broad choice of designs, wireless connectivity alternatives are available in providing and developing interactive and intuitive devices and unique remote control products for today’s OTT and Pay Television media and excellence in the user experience,” added Chan.

It is this extraordinary research and development experience that has led Dusun to business awards with an extensive and fast-growing number of customers in the emergence of interactive television and in navigating programming options. With its expansion and concentration in the overseas markets, particularly Europe and North America we are confident of gaining receptivity and realizing new business opportunities in these respective competitive markets.

About Dusun Electron LTD

Dusun Electron Ltd., a high-growth global leader and provider of remote control and sensing technologies for emerging Smart TV and IoT is uniquely positioned with a broad based wireless technology portfolio inclusive of ZigBee, Z-Wave, RF4CE, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G/4G, and navigation paradigms with Voice, Touch, Motion Pointing, Gesture Recognition, and Virtual Reality Control.  More so, Dusun is proactively leveraging software and hardware advancements and project developments encompassing world-class innovations for the IoT solutions including Smart Home and Smart Hotel, and Elder Care Assistance.

The company specializes in design, development, and manufacturing of innovative products and solutions that are used by the world’s premier brands in such markets including Smart TV, PayTV & OTT, and IoT sectors.  With design and development excellence and core competencies in introducing many technology firsts-to-the market, Dusun’s further demonstrates its commitment as a world leader in its field over traditional remote control competitors. The company has expanded its products and technology platforms to include the growth of Security and Home Automation control and other IoT applications requiring wireless gateways, sensing devices as well as cloud-based management system.

Founded in Zhejiang, China in 2002, Dusun is solidly founded on the mission of deep experience in Consumer Electronics devices and is dedicated to research and development, presenting itself as an innovator in enabling its customers to excel in new interaction techniques, user experience, and usability approaches.

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