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Easynet Global Services completes sale to LDC

by david.nunes

London, 2nd September 2010 – Global provider of managed solutions and business connectivity services Easynet, has announced its sale from BSkyB (Sky) to Lloyds Development Capital (LDC), the private equity arm of Lloyds Banking Group for £100 million.

Further exploiting its dexterity as an independent global provider, Easynet will continue with its strategy to deliver high quality, complex international managed networks and managed hosting services to businesses around the world.  Chief Executive Officer, David Rowe, who founded Easynet in 1994, will remain in the role with the full backing of LDC.

The acquisition heralds a new chapter in Easynet’s history.  From its founding in 1994, Easynet has been a leader in highly sophisticated managed networks and hosting, and since it joined the BSkyB family in 2006 it has grown by over 40 per cent.

David Rowe, CEO, said: “Our strategy has always been to take a pragmatic approach to the market: we follow our customers, understand their needs, and provide solutions that add value.  Our tight focus on our customers will continue under our new ownership.  LDC’s strategy is closely aligned to our business plan and this will allow us to take a longer-term view of the investments we make to give our customers competitive edge.”

David Molony, Principal Analyst at Ovum, said:This is a characteristically dynamic deal (for the company) that introduced telcos to the idea that a customer service desk could be the key to retention and growth. Enterprise customers will be reassured by the move because it points to a focused growth and development strategy. Some managers in Easynet’s competitors’ global services divisions might be reflecting with envy on the independence and competitive agility that Easynet has won and which this deal celebrates.”

Easynet retains the International network and Data Centre assets and in the UK continues with an exclusive and long term relationship with Sky for the use of Sky’s access network.  Easynet also retains the core IP infrastructure and network management functions responsible for routing traffic intelligently around customers’ networks.

Daniel Sasaki, Director, LDC, commented: “Easynet is a dynamic, profitable business which has enjoyed considerable success by providing highly innovative solutions that make its customers more competitive.  We have made a long-term investment in the company as we believe there is considerable untapped global demand for its unique value proposition.  We are looking forward to working with Easynet’s management team to help propel the business into a new phase of international growth.”

Watch Easynet CEO David Rowe discuss the implications of the acquisition at: http://www.easynet.com/gb/en/video/?PrimaryNavID=14&videoID=85

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