Baldock, UK – 11th March 2014 – EBS, the leading full-service provider of EPG data for platforms and channels worldwide, has announced that it has expanded its EPG data services with Cytavision, the leading  IPTV service  in Cyprus, which provides a number of thematic and sports channels as well as a wide range of interactive services.

Every channel listed on the Cytavision EPG is contractually obliged to supply its programme data in a raw format, directly to the platform. Ingesting that data is then the sole responsibility of Cytavision. This is a huge undertaking for platforms worldwide as more and more channels and additional services such as VoD, apps and content recommendation are added. EBS provides a solution to this problem by collecting the data for each channel, which is received in a variety of formats.  The data is then added to EBS’ flagship, in-house scheduling application Mediator and is edited according to Cytavision’s requirements before being delivered in the format and frequency required, providing consistency and ease of workflow.

This announcement strengthens the relationship between EBS and Cytavision, which began in 2012. Stathis Panis, Head of Content Technical Management at Cytavision says, “When we began working together, EBS was the only company that could offer the EPG data service we needed at the right price. Working together over the last two years has confirmed that EBS is an excellent partner to work with. The company is reliable and always ready to meet our requests.”

The EPG has become integral to viewing habits and is a key sales tool for platforms and broadcasters. With so many channels fighting for audience share, the way that content is written and presented is vital. Panis agrees, “This was proven by a recent market survey carried out on Cyta’s behalf; the EPG was one of the functions on our platform that was recognised as having a key competitive advantage. Viewers are very unhappy if data is missing or if it’s incorrect and won’t hesitate to get in touch with our call centre.”

Matt Smith, Business Development Manager, EBS adds, “We’re delighted to further assist Cytavision as it continues to expand its channel offering and services. The way in which platforms require channels to supply data is very specific. This includes various file formats, permitted character lengths, additional data fields and flags etc., and is therefore not a quick and easy task. EBS is able to take all the scheduling information for the channels and restructure it to meet the requirements of Cytavision providing one point of contact throughout the process with a clear, defined workflow.”

About EBS:

EBS is a UK-based, full service provider of EPG data and metadata for platforms and channels worldwide. Founded in 1988, EBS New Media Ltd has developed the company’s flagship, in-house scheduling application, Mediator for both linear and on demand television, covering three areas: TV Channel Services, TV Platform Services and TV Listings Services. EBS has a team of experienced editors who research and write EPG synopses, and provide further editorial, translation and distribution services. Complementary to Mediator is EBS’ database of listings for over 650 UK and Irish TV and radio stations. It delivers accurate, enhanced TV schedules to publishers and developers, as well as powering the DigiGuide application, which provides industry professionals and consumers alike, with in-depth data and metadata. www.ebs.tv.

About Cytavision:

Cytavision is the leading television platform in the Cypriot market and is considered the most integrated proposal in subscriber TV. This predominance of Cytavision stems mainly from the fact that it offers the richest content in the Cypriot market especially in live transmissions of Cypriot Football Championship matches and of Champions League matches but also in movies and series. As far as the rest of the thematic content is concerned, Cytavision offers a wide range of such, through its 80 most popular foreign channels, with quality and diversity being its most important identifier amongst its competitors. It also offers a wide range of interactive applications like Time Shifted TV, Video on Demand, Pay per View, Electronic Programme Guide and others. Cytavision subscribers can choose any one of tree available packs for their viewing pleasure, Full Pack, Value Pack Plus and Value Pack.