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http://eidr.org/assets/ebs.jpgBaldock, UK, 24 March 2015.EBS, the leading full-service provider of EPG data for platforms and channels worldwide, has announced that it is now a member of the Entertainment Identifier Registry Association (EIDR).  Founded by Movielabs, Cablelabs, Comcast and Rovi, EIDR is a not-for-profit industry association that meets a crucial need across the entertainment supply chain, providing universal identifiers for a broad array of audio visual objects.

Don Dulchinos, Executive Director, EIDR explains, “We’re delighted to have EBS on board. The company occupies a strategic position in the content distribution supply chain as well as a leadership position in the industry, globally. As European content owners are increasingly discovering EIDR, and EIDR enabled content is starting to arrive in European digital distribution channels, EBS brings to light metadata and workflow related use cases.”

To enable effective monetisation of assets through an increasing number of distribution channels, EIDR provides industry promoters, contributors and partners with a global registry of unique identifiers for entertainment content and video services, and an API-based Operational Enterprise Solution for real-time registry access.

The unique identifiers provide owners of film and television content with a reference number which can be allocated by any EIDR member processing the content anywhere throughout its lifecycle. Additional numbers can be added for alternative versions and edits, which are all tied to the original unique identifier.

Keith Bedford, Managing Director, EBS adds, “We’re really pleased to announce our membership with EIDR. Our Pawa EPG data software solution enables our clients to be future-proof and future-aware with a single, central repository that provides a fully tailored workflow for linear and non-linear services. Working closely with EBS, broadcasters who adopt EIDR can map out their internal ID registrations and tally them with their EIDR unique identifier enabling them to easily track their assets and monetise their content.”

About EBS:
EBS is a UK-based, full service provider of EPG data and metadata for platforms and channels worldwide. Founded in 1988, EBS New Media Ltd has developed the company’s flagship, in-house scheduling application, Pawa for both linear and on demand television, covering four areas: TV Channel Services, TV Platform Services, Download-to-Own/VoD and TV Listings Services. EBS has a team of experienced editors who research and write EPG synopses, and provide further editorial, translation and distribution services. Complementary to Pawa is EBS’ database of listings for over 650 UK and Irish TV and radio stations. It delivers accurate, enhanced TV schedules to publishers and developers, as well as powering the DigiGuide application, which provides industry professionals and consumers alike, with in-depth data and metadata. For further information about EBS, please see www.ebs.tv. For further information about Pawa, please see www.pawa.tv.

About EIDR:
The EIDR Organization is a not-for-profit industry association managing universal identifiers for a broad array of television and film assets.  EIDR maintains management and technical support personnel in Europe and North America.  For more information, please visit www.eidr.org.

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