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eCommerce: The comparison website Click n Compare is taking Africa by storm

by david.nunes

The comparison website Click n Compare is taking Africa by storm

CAPE-TOWN, South-Africa, August 20, 2015 CNC Group (CNC), parent company of Click n Compare (http://www.clickncompare.co.za), the South African-focused comparison website is expanding their African footprint after a very successful year with a strong month on month growth of 40%. Alongside the South African success of the brand comes now their launch of a new consumer-facing brand, CompareGuru, into both Nigeria and Kenya.

Established in 2013, Click n Compare is a one-stop portal for African consumers who are looking to source services and be educated in hard-to-navigate verticals, such as insurance, mobile, broadband, and banking. The Internet has empowered consumers to access more information than ever before, but it has also made it that much harder to zero in on exactly what one is after. CNCs ultimate goal is consequently to help people save time and money with the help of side-by-side comparisons.

Ryan Marx, Co-Founder and CEO of Click n Compare: “ CNC’s unique value proposition is the fact that we have positioned ourselves directly between the consumer and provider in a way that is mutually beneficial to both parties. We are well on our way to achieving this aim by building relationships with major key players in the insurance industry.”

CNC is fully funded by Silvertree Capital (STC), a venture builder that incubates and invests into tech-related businesses targeting African consumers. The Silvertree portfolio includes businesses in e-commerce retail, financial services and sales, online marketing, travel, and web and mobile development. Manuel Koser, Co-Founder of STC is certain that in just under two years a footprint has been set across Africa and CNC is close to dominating the lead-gen space entirely.

With all the lessons learned in the South African market, CNC is confident in taking the leap to Nigeria and Kenya. The Company has already acquired Insured.ng (Insured), Nigeria’s leading insurance affiliate. Leveraging Insured’s market traction and provider partnerships, CompareGuru has hit the ground running in Nigeria. The expansion is headed up by Tim Burkly, who joined the Company from Rocket Internet and had the following to say about the project: ” I am both honored and excited to work alongside Ryan, Manuel and the CNC Group as we continue to build our brand into Africa’s leading financial marketplace.”

Bastian Gotter, Co-Founder of iROKO, and Leonard Stiegeler, General Manager of Ringier (West Africa) are two of the most recent additions to the CNC Group’s Advisory Board. Having a good understanding of the African territories, Gotter and Stiegeler will no doubt be integral role players in the expansion of this model.

Bastian Gotter, Spark Managing Partner adds: “Click n Compare has made considerable advances in the online price comparison market in South Africa. With their proven track record, and their expertise in the sector, we very much hope they can take Insured.ng onto its next phase as a leading Nigerian insurance comparison platform”.

Based on the company’s historical growth and future plans, CNC is well on its way to becoming Africa’s leading service comparison platform.

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