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ECTA to provide Connect-World

by david.nunes
Dear David


As per contra-marketing agreement, please find attached the delegate list with those attendees who gave permission for their details to be passed to sponsors and/or media partners.
ECTA to provide Connect-World
  • Logo and URL on Regulatory Conference website as supporting media partner
    Done: http://www.ectaportal.com/regulatory10/Partners/Media-Partners/ linking to

  • Logo on event signage at Regulatory Conference as supporting media partner (graphic display panels)
  • Logo in delegate workbooks as supporting media partner.
    Done – snapshot of relevant page attached – quality is not great but is just a screenshot from the final PDF document to give you an idea how it looked.
  • Event literature table at conference to distribute Connect World magazine to delegates.
    We received these at the event and can confirm they were laid out on behalf of Connect-World and apparently information on all literature tables were keenly grabbed!
  • 1 exhibitor pass to Regulatory Conference (not permitted to attend any workshops or conference sessions)
    No-one attended
  • 1 dedicated page on www.ectaportal.com (from date of signed contra – logos, text & banner received) promoting Connect-World Global-ICT edition subscriptions until 31st December 2010.
    Done: : http://www.ectaportal.com/en/ABOUT/Media-Partners/Supporting-Media-Partners/Connect-World/
  • Contact details of attendees opted in for their details to be passed on to media partners.

    Connect World provides:


    • Regulatory Conference 2010 listing, URL and logo on events page of our website;
    • Banner in e-Letter in our Global – ICT edition which will published in October 2010 (mbenson@ectaportal.com will be added to the distribution list)
      I received an e-Letter dated 26 October 2010 but there was no banner – was it on another issue?
    • e-Promo( up to 500 words plus 2 photos) – a link into the e-Letter
      Not done – EDM sent to Connect-World entire readership instead on 6 November 2010.
    • 1 free subscription to Connect-World Global – ICT magazine (for Marcus Benson)
      Have not seen October issue, which would presumably be sent to this office?


Kind regards and thanks for your help.


Sara Russell
Office Manager
ECTA – European Competitive Telecommunications Association
1a Eastheath House, Eastheath Avenue
Wokingham, Berks, RG41 2PR
Tel: +44 (0)118 979 3338
Fax: +44 (0)118 979 3288



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