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EDP enlist Foehn to make the right call on business communication

by david.nunes

EDP enlist Foehn to make the right call on business communication


~New telephone systems estimated to save EDP £17,000~


London, England – 25 January 2012:  Managed communications provider, Foehn is working with EDP PLC, a supplier of advanced technology software solutions, to simplify and improve its communications network. Foehn’s installation of SIP trunks and the open source telephony toolkit, Asterisk, is estimated to save EDP £17,000 a year.


EDP initially selected Foehn to reduce its telecoms costs and systems complexity of communicating between its four major operating sites including Sheffield, Warrington, East Grinstead and its data centre in Milton Keynes, as well as help them upgrade to a better quality system. EDP were keen to replace VoIP phone systems and eight-channel ISDN30 lines at each site, which were costing a significant amount each month.


“Rental of our ISDN lines alone had spiralled to £17,000 a year and although we had VoIP capability between sites, the quality was awful,” said Chris Spicer, head of IT at EDP. “Our system was beginning to become quite complex to manage and replacement would have cost us over £30,000.”


Foehn’s solution made use of SIP trunks to connect the four sites together, removing the need to have individual systems and lines at each site. Foehn also installed a 70-extension centralised system at EDP’s data centre. “Often companies are paying for technology, like ISDNs, that they no longer use and it can mean racking up unnecessary bills. Using our technology we gave EDP a much more reliable system with enhanced features with none of the voice quality problems they had from their legacy VoIP system,” explained James Passingham, CEO and founder of Foehn.


The largest impact of Foehn’s telecoms solutions is likely to be its cost savings. “By eliminating unnecessary ISDN lines Foehn estimate that we should be able to make a return on our investment within the first year,” Spicer added.


About EDP:

Established in 1965 to supply on-line computer services, EDP has serviced the merchant distribution industry ever since. Through development of the specialised MERCHANT software application during the 1980’s and acquisition of leading software developers, BML, BCT and Disys Associates through the 1990’s, EDP has built an unrivalled expertise. This experience has created a unique understanding, both of the needs of the industry and also, of how technology can be applied to improve business processes and increase profitability in the 2010’s. www.edp.co.uk  


About Foehn:

Managed Communications Provider, Foehn was set up in 2000 by James Passingham to manage and implement systems within mission critical and telco class networks and data centres across the entire EMEA region.  The company specialises in IP network and communication solutions for retailers, call centres and small and medium sized businesses. www.foehn.co.uk


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