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eGlobalfares selects SilverRail to integrate rail into its global travel network

by david.nunes

eGlobalfares selects SilverRail to integrate rail into its global travel network


January 5, 2012 – London and Woburn, MA – eGlobalfares, LLC, has announced that it has partnered with SilverRail Technologies, Inc. to provide global rail search, booking and ticketing to eGlobalfares’ subscribers. SilverRail’s technology platform removes the complexities of selling multi-country multi-operator train tickets by normalising the otherwise non-standardised access and booking processes of rail carriers around the world. As a result of this partnership, travel management companies (TMCs) and corporations using eGlobalfares will be able to start selling train tickets alongside air by the end of Q2 2012.


As demand for high-speed rail increases and travellers turn to trains to lower their carbon footprint and enjoy the convenience rail travel offers, it is important that corporate TMCs, corporations and leisure travel agencies are able to easily access and integrate rail into their workflows. Equally important is that they can integrate rail into their existing reservations, accounting, reporting, quality control and security tracking systems.


The ability for travel agents to have rail schedules, pricing and booking capabilities of many rail carriers on the same portal as other travel products is the logical next step for rail. Also, the ability to automatically create and track the transaction is of great benefit to travellers and travel managers alike.


SilverRail’s global rail platform SilverCore will connect more than 5,000 of eGlobalfares’ customers in over 30 countries to rail in the UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Canada and the USA with new countries to be added in 2012.


“SilverRail has developed the expertise, technologies and rapport with a growing number of rail carriers in an effort to help all parties become more automated and in turn help grow their businesses and reduce their costs,” said Cameron Jones, Vice President, Commercial at SilverRail. “We understand the passenger rail business and look to be able to help the rail carriers benefit from greater automation and exposure to broader markets. eGlobalfares’ technology, expertise and knowledge of the corporate travel market, travel management and agency operations, provides a natural fit for our two companies to collaborate on an end to end solution,” Jones added.


President and CEO of eGlobalfares, Dave Rifkin commented: “We know that there is a great demand for a technology solution to make searching, booking and purchasing global rail easier for our global customer base. Currently booking and managing rail reservations is viewed as complicated and expensive to incorporate into the workflow.  We believe that by working with a leader in the rail industry, we can provide a great travel solution to our customers.”


About SilverRail Technologies, Inc.
SilverRail has built the first global distribution platform specialising in passenger rail, allowing rail operators and travel sellers to easily connect with each other.  The SilverCore platform aggregates global rail content into a single, unified system through direct supplier connections, standardising the search, booking, and fulfilment processes.  By removing the complexities of selling rail, SilverRail enables global rail search irrespective of operators, geographies and currencies. www.silverrailtech.com


About eGlobalfares
eGlobalfares is the leading provider of multi-gds web-based fare management systems that provides efficient and integrated access to fare content and availability around the globe. eGlobalfares expertise and leading technology enables travel agencies to service local and global customers through customised networks, access additional revenue opportunities, and provide cost savings and better service for their customers. For more information visit www.eglobalfares.com or call +1.203.397.5361.


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