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ElasticHosts Launches White-label Reseller Program for Instant Own-Brand Cloud

by david.nunes

ElasticHosts Launches White-label Reseller Program for Instant Own-Brand Cloud

ElasticHosts private-label program enables partners to launch flexible, pay-as-you-go cloud servers under their own brand within one day

London, UK. 11th July 2012. ElasticHosts, the cloud server provider, has today enabled partners to start selling flexible, PAYG, easy-to-use cloud solutions under their own brand within one day. The white-label cloud program allows hosting resellers, system integrators, VARs and MSPs, to rebrand the ElasticHosts cloud portfolio and immediately offer cloud hosting to their customers, without needing to invest capex, development or operational time. Once launched, resellers receive 30% of monthly infrastructure-as-a-service fees. They will also be able to provide a range of value added services to their customers.

By joining the ElasticHosts white-label program, partners can provide their customers with full self-service access to a rebranded version of the ElasticHosts control panel. From here, the end customer can manage their own cloud servers – scaling CPU and RAM up or down depending on requirements, and ultimately begin benefitting from the reduced costs and increased flexibility of cloud. With Gartner recently predicting that worldwide cloud revenue will reach $148.8 billion by 2014, ElasticHosts white labeling provides organisations across the globe with a means to benefit from the cloud boom.

Richard Davies, CEO at ElasticHosts explains: “More and more businesses are looking to take advantage of cloud and the cost and overall efficiency it provides. As a result, service providers need to be able to offer cloud servers or they risk missing out on a vital revenue opportunity and losing existing customers to the big name clouds. However, the challenges of launching a cloud offering are the expense and time that it takes to develop. Not only do you need to take into account the capex required to buy the necessary hardware and data centre capacity, but you also need the skillset to design and manage such a flexible, agile service. We wanted to take that pressure away by giving resellers a ready-to-sell cloud offering and allowing them to launch it quickly and easily, immediately making them a player in a booming market.”

The ElasticHosts white-label program allows partners to launch own-brand cloud from any or all of ElasticHosts’ 5 data centres across the US, Canada and UK. As soon as customers sign up, the reseller receives 30% of recurring revenues. The cloud platform itself bills end customers automatically before distributing these funds to the reseller. The reseller will also have full control over the cloud environment, enabling them to offer a range of management and customer support services.

“Cloud is only going to grow in popularity because no business would decline the opportunity to reduce IT costs and improve efficiency,” Davies adds. “Our white-label program enables prospective cloud providers to launch a market-leading cloud solution that will attract customers now and in the future. Too many ‘cloud’ services are rushed to launch as traditional hosting with the word ‘cloud’ there for marketing purposes. Customers then find the hosting is inflexible and is not self-service, and the provider loses customers and reputation. ElasticHosts is an award-winning, innovative provider, and our white-label program enables our resellers to launch genuine cloud services, ensuring that the reseller and its customers reap the rewards on offer.”

To learn more about the ElasticHosts white-label program, please visit: http://www.elastichosts.com/cloud-hosting/white-label




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