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element14 leads with 14 new product innovations for Asia Pacific in 2012

by david.nunes


element14 leads with 14 new product innovations
for Asia Pacific in 2012


element14 offers engineers in Asia Pacific the latest best-in-class solutions
from leading global manufacturers


Singapore, 25 January 2012element14 (formerly Farnell), the first electronic component distributor that fuses commerce and community, today renews its commitment to continue to facilitate design innovations in 2012 by introducing the latest and best-selling components. Engineers in Asia Pacific will be able to keep themselves up to date with the latest solutions available from leading electronics specialists worldwide and select from a wide range of component categories.


“Amidst the economic uncertainty that surrounds 2012, major players in the electronics sectors are focusing more on innovations and new technologies to maintain their competitiveness,” says Marc Grange, Head of Product Management, element14, Asia Pacific. “element14’s unique service propositions, including no minimal quantity order, together with our broad spectrum of the newest high performance solutions, provide engineers with an excellent platform to acquire the latest components to innovate design concepts and promote the adoption of new technologies.”


14 new products in element14’s portfolio

element14 continues to work closely with globally trusted manufacturers, such as Agilent, Arduino,  Digilent, Freescale Semiconductor, Honeywell, Kentec, Lecroy, Microchip, ST Microelectronics and Texas Instruments, to expedite the availability and expand the range of new components in the region.  Engineers will be able to find relevant and effective solutions to innovate their designs and address the challenges they face.


14 of element14’s newest addition to their comprehensive portfolio are:

1.       element14’s ATMEL SAM9G45 Board  evaluation kit is an effective platform for evaluating chip performance and developing code for applications based on the AT91SAM9G45 microcontroller. 

2.       Texas Instrument Stellaris DK-LM3S9D96 Development Kit  accelerates development of Firestorm-class microcontrollers and includes extensive example applications and complete source code. 

3.       Kentec Electronic’s EB-STM3210E-LCD Expansion Board features a built-in LED backlight driver circuit and 60pin FPC connector for the Kentec LCDs of varying configurations. 

4.       ST Microelectronics STM32F4DISCOVERY Discovery Board  helps engineers discover the high-performance features of STM32F4 and to develop applications easily. 

5.       Freescale Semiconductor’s TWR-S08UNIV provides a Tower System-based development solution for pre-existing S08 & RS08 devices and it is easy to switch between differing S08 & RS08 MCUs without purchasing the same development board again.


6.       Microchip’s DM330015 Motor Control Starter Kit with mTouch Sensing is a complete hardware and software tool suite for evaluating Microchip’s ultra-low cost Motor Control Family dsPIC DSCs.  

7.       Texas Instruments’ 430BOOST-SENSE1  Capacitive Sense BoosterPack includes the MSP430G2452 device which allows low-cost capacitive-sensing and approximation-sensing applications without the use of any external components.  

8.       Arduino’s A000047 Mega 2560 Microcontroller Board contains every feature needed to support microcontrollers by connecting it to a computer with a USB cable or powering it with a AC-to-DC adapter or battery. 

9.       Digilent’s chipKIT™ Max32™ Development Board takes advantage of the powerful PIC32MX795F512 microcontroller to provide engineers with high performance functionalities.  

10.   element14’s DM3730-EVK DM3730-EVK evaluation kit accelerates time to market for more media-rich, portable applications, including navigation systems, medical patient monitoring devices, industrial test and measurement devices, and portable communications. 

11.   Honeywell’s SMART Position Sensor is one of the most durable, adaptable, and lightweight position sensors available in the industry and it provides engineers with highly accurate motion control, improving operation efficiency and safety.  

12.   Agilent Technologies’ U1230 Handheld Multimeter makes it safe and easy to work in dark, noisy or dangerous environments with its built-in flashlight, hot wires detection and unique combination of beeping alert and blinking display/LED feature which allows engineers to take measurements in noisy environment. 

13.   Lecroy’s Waveace 101 Oscilloscope features long waveform memory and colour display, extensive measurement capabilities, advanced triggering and excellent connectivity to improve troubleshooting and shorten debug time. 

14.   Circuitco’s BeagleBoard-xM Development Kit features open hardware design which improves the laptop-like performance and expandability. 


High performance components from ‘element14 Features– Buck & Boost!

Engineers can access a comprehensive range of design resources and find a broad spectrum of products from leading brands via the newest instalment of ‘element14 Features’. Customers can be assured that these genuine components will deliver the highest standard of quality, performance and reliability.


For more information about ‘element14 Features’, please visit  http://sg.element14.com/features.



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Email: cloh@element14.com

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About element14
element14 is a high-service distributor of technology products and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair. It brings together the latest products, services, and development software, all connected to an innovative online engineering community where purchasers and engineers can access peers and experts, a wide range of independent technical information and helpful tools. When researching a new technology, designing an electronic product, or looking for parts to repair an existing system, they can rely on element14 to find the answers and parts they need to keep projects on the fast track, right from the start.


element14 is the operating business of Premier Farnell plc (LSE:pfl) in Asia Pacific.


For more information visit the website:

Australia: au.element14.com
China: cn.element14.com
Korea: kr.element14.com
Hong Kong: hk.element14.com
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Malaysia: my.element14.com
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About Premier Farnell

Premier Farnell plc (LSE:pfl) is a global leader in high service distribution of technology products and solutions for electronic system design, maintenance and repair. Its differentiated proposition includes 29 local language transactional websites, and the critically important element14 Community for design engineers – an industry first (www.element14.com). With sales last year of £990.8m and underlying profits of £93.3m the Group distributes its comprehensive portfolio of products and services throughout Europe, North America and Asia Pacific, supported by a global supply chain of over 3,500 suppliers and an inventory profile developed to anticipate and meet its customers’ needs.

While global in scope, Premier Farnell recognises the individual needs of each market and has continued to internationalise its model accordingly. It trades locally as Farnell in Europe, Newark/element14 in North America and Farnell Newark in Brazil. Across Asia Pacific the business trades as element14.


Key facts

  • Operations in 35 different countries
  • 4,100 employees
  • Over 2 million customer contacts in 156 industries
  • Over 3,500 leading suppliers
  • Over 400,000 products stocked with access to over four million more on demand
  • Global leader in legislation RoHS, WEEE, REACH

 For more information visit the website at Premier Farnell.


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