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Elisa Launches Three Unprecedented 5G Solutions in Collaboration with its Partners

by Anthony Weaver

A remote-controlled tractor, a mobile app for 3D models and high-resolution live streaming – these never-before-seen 5G solutions are just some of the several now on display in the just opened Elisa 5G Showroom. Elisa is continuously developing 5G services that are bringing new possibilities to different sectors of society: homes, companies and the public sector. The Elisa 5G Showroom is a part of this development work.

The 5G network and the possibilities it provides will have a profound effect on consumers, companies and Finnish society as a whole. The new-generation 5G network is ten times faster than 4G and its latency will be lower. It will also be possible to have ten times more users using 5G at the same time as the network capacity increases. These features make 5G unsurpassed when compared to earlier generations of mobile data.

Located in Elisa’s premises in Helsinki, the Elisa 5G Showroom has on display a total of nine 5G solutions and services, of which three were launched for the first time ever in the world.

“Elisa is a Finnish and international pioneer and now at the 5G Showroom we can present our best 5G services. Our services and solutions have been developed in strong collaboration with our partners and customers. We want to build a sustainable future through digitalisation. At the 5G Showroom one can see and experience different ways in which 5G will benefit the society in various fields. For example, 5G clearly increases performance, which interests companies,” says Kimmo Pentikäinen, Vice President, Business Development, Elisa Corporation.

Elisa’s never-before-seen 5G services and solutions:

  • A safe way to remotely control heavy machines even in a challenging terrain: a tractor which can be controlled remotely with 5G and a 360 camera
    Valtra and Elisa have developed and built the world’s first tractor that can be controlled remotely with 5G and a 360 camera. The tractor is located in Raisio, approx. 150 kilometers from Helsinki, but can be remotely controlled from Pasila, Helsinki, because of the high speed and the low latency of 5G. In this 5G solution, the control signal stays in Elisa’s 5G network, which enables a high security level in the remote control. The remote driver has a full real time view of the environment through a 360 camera that is installed on the roof of the tractor, enabling a 4K view of the landscape.
  • A brand-new future in building and construction: a mobile 5G app to review 3D models in real time
    5G is revolutionizing methods to work in various industries, one of them being the field of building and construction. A building’s design, construction and furnishing can be streamed to the mobile app that uses cloud computing. The 3D model can be viewed from multiple angles by touching the screen. Because the 3D models can be several gigabytes in size, previously it was not possible to view the models on phones. Now, in the mobile app developed by Elisa and Aalto University the low latency and high bandwidth of the 5G network increases productivity on the processes of building.
  • Safer rescue operations: 360 VR live streaming with 8K resolution
    The video is broadcasted from a bird’s-eye view in 360 degrees with an 8K resolution. Its extremely sharp and real-time video footage can be used in situations that demand high-quality and wide footage of the surroundings. With the solution, events recorded by a drone can be viewed exactly from the angle you want. The 5G feature will make the work of emergency services easier in different kinds of rescue operations. You can see the live drone video stream of the seashore in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki, transferred to the VR glasses located in the Elisa 5G Showroom.

More information:

Elisa Mediadesk, tel. +358 50 305 1605, mediadesk@elisa.fi

Aalto University, Dept. of Computer Science, Lecturer and Principal Investigator in charge of CloudXR project, Matti Siekkinen, tel. +358 50 562 8293, matti.siekkinen@aalto.fi

Elisa is a pioneer in telecommunications and digital services. We serve approximately 2.8 million consumer, corporate and public administration organisation customers, and have over 6.3 million subscriptions in our extensive network. Cooperation with Vodafone, among others, enables globally competitive services. Our core markets are Finland and Estonia, and we also provide digital services for international markets. Elisa’s shares are listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki. In 2019, our revenue was EUR 1.84 billion euros, and we employed 4,900 people. As a responsible Finnish market leader, our operations are guided by continuous improvement. Further information on www.elisa.com, Facebook (@elisasuomi) and Twitter (@ElisaOyj)

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