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Elitecore to Launch Elite Connect Mobile App with enhanced features at Wi-Fi Global Congress , San Francisco , USA

by david.nunes

Elitecore to Launch Elite Connect Mobile App with enhanced features at Wi-Fi Global Congress , San Francisco , USA

Enables Intelligent Wi-Fi Connectivity with Location based notifications, advertisements and deals

Mumbai, India and Dubai, U.A.E.,  Oct 7 , 2014

Elitecore Technologies, a leading provider of Wi-Fi Service Management Platform will soon launch Elite Connect Mobile App, yet another masterpiece in Carrier Wi-Fi segment. Presenting Elite Connect Mobile App that lays down the marker for Carrier Wi-Fi technologies of the future will be launched at Wi-Fi Global Congress , San Francisco , USA.

Elite Connect Mobile App is packaged with a host of features that augments user experience and expands the scope of monetization. The innovative App comes with advanced features – seamless Wi-Fi connectivity, access & authentication, location specific customized notifications for Wi-Fi availability, location based advertisements & deals and much more. Developed for all leading device Platforms (android, iOS etc.), the App helps in increasing the footfalls and usage at the Wi-Fi hotspots, increases the revenue potential and enhances user experience by offering personalized services.

Considering the proliferation and the scope in untapped segments, Elite Connect Mobile App holds immense potential for the industry. Looking at its emerging adoption, the smartly designed App is being solicited standalone by the operators as well as it is available as a part of pre-integrated Elitecore Service Management Platform (SMP). With the intent to increase reach, the app can be made available for download on the operator’s website as well as on various app stores. Elitecore provides a Tool kit with open application interface for operators to customize the app and avail its features and functions into their existing Mobile app if any.

Says Akshat Joshi, VP, Wi-Fi Product Management, Elitecore Technologies, “The App helps operators to maximize their Wi-Fi usage and helps in achieving service differentiation with a consistent, continuous and best-quality experience across heterogeneous networks. Elitecore’s cost effective Mobile App helps in radically simplifying the connectivity process, optimizing network performance and easily overcome the issue of multiple authentication support. Rather than being just another “me too” mobile app, this app is distinct in its ability to generate new revenue streams for operators by offering location specific targeted advertisements & promotions and provide a compelling value in the data delivery.”

With zero user intervention for the app configuration,  Elitecore’s device agnostic App help operator with unique business cases of automatic and transparent sign on, login through user’s social media credentials of Facebook, Google etc., hotspot navigation on Google map and much more. The App enhances efficiency by auto Wi-Fi enablement on hotspot detection, auto connection to operator’s Wi-Fi network, auto switchover between networks, intelligently turning off Wi-Fi connection on low signal, low device battery, ideal time out etc.  With the feature of multi lingual support and real time analytics, the App exhibits Wi-Fi usage statistics for end customer analysis.

Elitecore Mobile App have live deployments across India, MEA & SAARC with huge number of downloads from Operator’s website and App stores.

About Elitecore
Elitecore Technologies is a leading provider of Wi-Fi Service Management Platform (SMP) with large number of Carrier Wi-Fi deployments helping the Service Providers leverages their heterogeneous networks services to improve spectral efficiency, enhance service offerings, earn profitability and deliver high quality user experience. The pre-integrated and modular platform has Enhanced Mobile App, ANDSF, Advertisement Server and Monetization Framework that enable operators to tap new revenue opportunities by Intelligent offloading , LTE – Wi-Fi interworking, location based offerings and launch innovative use cases across different business verticals viz. Public spaces, Enterprises, Residences, Hospitality, Municipalities, Stadiums, Universities, Malls etc. thus ensuring faster time-to-market and better TCO.

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