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Emailcenter launches multivariate tool to increase email marketing uplift by 45%

by david.nunes

Emailcenter launches multivariate tool to increase email marketing uplift by 45%


Technology developed in-house will form fundamental component of Maxemail


London, 15th December 2011 – Boutique email marketing agency, Emailcenter, has launched a multivariate testing tool for in-house marketers. Developed and integrated by Emailcenter into its Maxemail email marketing platform, the company is the first email service provider (ESP) to offer multivariate testing as part of an integrated solution. Trials across existing customers have seen an average uplift of 45% on email marketing campaigns including welcome emails and newsletters, across an average mailout size of 300,000.


Multivariate testing offers significant benefits over traditional AB testing. Where AB tests can run only one variation at a time, multivariate tests run multiple versions of emails with a combination of elements such as subject headers, call to action buttons, images and colours. Testing is based on two statistical principles: full factorial multivariable testing which can analyse the best of 256 combinations (or 4x4x4x4 variants) or, where there is less data, fractional factorial testing which analyses the best performing variant in each of the four areas.


To date, companies have offered multivariate testing as part of an outsourced email management solution. By integrating this function into Maxemail, Emailcenter delivers control back to in-house marketers enabling them to send more emails, more quickly and at a fraction of the cost.


“Multivariate testing is a tried and tested mechanism for optimising email marketing performance, however marketers often have to relinquish control of this element of campaign management to external providers”, says Sean Duffy, principal email marketing consultant, Emailcenter. “Using the multivariate testing tool within Maxemail is a simple, non-technical way for marketers to enhance email marketing performance dramatically. Within minutes they can send a subtle combination of emails and quickly see which is providing the best click-through rate. The solution is also scalable, delivering valuable data for both small run and very high volume email campaigns.”


About Emailcenter

Founded in 1999, Emailcenter is an email service provider (ESP) that offers the technology and expertise to manage the delivery, targeting and analytics of its customers’ email marketing campaigns. Its technology platform, Maxemail, was developed entirely in house and first launched in 2001. It is now known as one of the premier email marketing solutions available and is used by more than 500 organisations worldwide.


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