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Emerson Network Power Announces Earthquake Resistance Certification for Cooling and Enclosure Solutions

by david.nunes



Emerson Network Power Announces Earthquake Resistance Certification

for Cooling and Enclosure Solutions


Manila, Philippines 13 December 2011Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson (NYSE: EMR) and a global leader in maximizing the availability, capacity and efficiency of critical infrastructure, announced today that its Liebert PEX cooling solution has been certified for earthquake resistance by Guangzhou University’s Earthquake Engineering Research and Test Center (EERTC).


Designed and built in Asia, over 8,000 units of the Liebert PEX have been deployed since its launch. The unit protects critical equipment with precise, reliable control of temperature, humidity and air flow. The Liebert PEX is the singular precision cooling option for customers who want reliability, flexibility and lowest total cost of ownership.


Subjected to three controlled conditions with earthquake intensities of up to nine degrees (equivalent to magnitude 6.0-7.0 on the Richter scale), the Liebert PEX showed no signs of damage.


“The test results come at a time when companies all over Asia are exhibiting caution in their business investments, following the devastating impact of recent natural disasters in New Zealand and Japan,” said John Parikh, Enterprise market management organization general manager for Emerson Network Power in Asia. “Such incidents underscore the value of disaster-‘proofing’, and limiting financial losses due to downtime. Emerson Network Power has built its name on keeping businesses in business, and the certification of the Liebert PEX lends further credence to the company’s guarantee of Business-Critical Continuity™.”


Earthquakes that register 6.0-7.0 on the Richter magnitude scale cause damage to fortified structures, wall collapse, visible ground cracks, lateral spreading and significant rockfall. In this magnitude range, destruction is moderate to severe, with people falling over themselves as they move. “For the Liebert PEX to remain without damage in these conditions is an engineering feat. In light of recent disasters in the region, EERTC’s seismic test proves the Liebert PEX is a sound economic investment,” added Parikh.


Available in Asia, the Liebert PEX alongside other offerings from Emerson are subjected to comprehensive factory testing to ensure durability and reliability. The company has adopted shock testing for all its products, a capability that no other vendor can match.


Emerson Network Power’s Knurr E-Series rack series, for example, is also built to seismic zone 4 standards which corresponds to areas with the highest earthquake risk. These heavy-duty racks have a static load rating of 1300kg, but goes down to 664kg under full seismic zone 4 loading.


Equipment durability is an important consideration when planning for business continuity. In this period of caution and preparedness, businesses are choosing to invest in equipment that will withstand the toughest conditions while optimizing operations. Emerson Network Power’s enclosure and cooling solutions are built for high reliability, ensuring efficiency without compromising performance.



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