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Emirates Joins Alliance for Wireless Power

by david.nunes

Emirates Joins Alliance for Wireless Power

Emirates Becomes First Advisory Member of A4WP Board

Airline to Play Essential Role in Infrastructure Growth Needed to Propagate Wireless Charging

BEAVERTON, Oregon, Sept. 9, 2014 – The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) today announced that Emirates has joined the A4WP, becoming the first advisory member of the organization’s board of directors. Emirates joins more than 100 companies supporting the Rezence-based wireless charging standards organization, whose membership has nearly doubled over the past year. Board members include Broadcom, Gill Electronics, IDT, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, and WiTricity with general membership including industry leaders such as Dell, Fujitsu, Haier, HTC, LG, Panasonic, and SanDisk.

As a leading airline and facilitator in creating new travel experiences, Emirates is taking a leadership role in pursuing wireless charging for the airline industry as well as contributing to the broader future enablement of wireless charging.

“At Emirates, we see technology shaping how people travel,” said Mohammed H Mattar Divisional Senior Vice President Airport Services of Emirates. “As any frequent flier knows, one of the most challenging and frustrating aspects of air travel is keeping portable devices charged. Wireless charging will be a key first step to changing that. The work the A4WP is doing fits hand in glove with our vision of a customer experience in which communications, support and interaction are seamlessly provided from the time travellers enter the airport and relax in the lounge through the duration of their flight.”

“Rezence technology delivers a compelling user experience — multiple devices can charge simultaneously, even if they have different power requirements and charge state, with true ‘drop and go’ convenience,” said Kamil Grajski, president of the A4WP. “This technology has the ability to transform the travel experience.”

“With a leading airliner like Emirates joining the efforts of the A4WP, we are an important step closer to achieving the critical mass necessary to bring wireless charging into the mainstream,” said Sanjay Vora, Vice President, Strategic Planning, PC Client Group, Intel Corporation. “Emirates will provide the logistical and technical insights to make resonant induction wireless charging a viable feature for the airline industry.”

About The Alliance for Wireless Power

The Alliance for Wireless Power (A4WP) is an independently operated association dedicated to building a global wireless charging ecosystem based on the Rezence™ wireless charging standard. A4WP’s mission is to bring a diverse base of interoperable products to the market that delivers the best wireless charging experience for consumers.  Founded in 2012, A4WP includes over 100 companies, including board of directors Broadcom Corporation (NASDAQ: BRCM), Gill Electronics, Integrated Device Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: IDTI), Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC), Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), Samsung Electronics Co., Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Co, and WiTricity Corporation.

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