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Encap Partners with ForgeRock to Disrupt Identity Market

by david.nunes

Encap Partners with ForgeRock to Disrupt Identity Market

Authentication software integrates with OpenAM to provide multi-factor authentication features to customers

Domaine de Béhoust, France, 15th October 2013 – Mobile authentication specialist Encap has today announced that it is partnering with identity and access management (IAM) platform provider ForgeRock to deliver a multi-factor intelligent authentication solution through integration with ForgeRock’s open access management platform, OpenAM.

Encap’s unique multi factor authentication (MFA) solution is the first purpose-built MFA authentication platform for smart devices in the world and the only software-based MFA solution trusted to secure high-risk financial transactions in the world. Encap’s technology has proven scalability and success across Europe with customers such as Santander Consumer Bank, Norway, EnterCard and Sparebanken Vest.

As the leading open platform provider of open source identity and access management (IAM) security solutions, ForgeRock is redefining IAM for the modern web including cloud, enterprise and mobile environments. Its solution – the only unified, 100% open source identity stack – supports mission-critical operations for many of the world’s largest companies and government organizations. The OpenAM platform, delivered as a single, unified offering, allows organizations to use the access control services they need, along with the adaptive intelligence to protect against risk-based threats in any environment.

Encap’s solution is highly convenient and delivers banking-grade security, enabling in-app multi-factor authentication which helps drive user adoption, rather than hinder it. With its integration with OpenAM,, users now have simple yet secure access to a single identity.

“Encap is addressing the needs of today’s multi-device, multi-connectivity world, where users expect access to apps and services at their convenience. With its simple SDK, just like ForgeRock’s solutions, Encap easily integrates with existing identity management systems,” said Neil Chapman, VP global corporate and business Development, ForgeRock. “Through this integration with OpenAM, our joint customers can switch on intelligent authentication that is designed to optimise the user experience.”

“A complicated system is only as good as its weakest point,” said Thomas Bostrøm Jørgensen, CEO, Encap. “Authentication methods have been a weak link – a choice between usability or security. This marriage of Encap’s and ForgeRock’s technology means we can continue to move towards our joint goal of better simplification, manageability, scalability, and capability of IAM services.”

About Encap

Encap provides simple software-based, multi-factor authentication and digital signing for the enterprise and banking sectors.

Encap represents a revolutionary new approach to authentication for the post-PC era. It replaces hardware and one time password authentication solutions such as tokens, card readers, SIMs and SMS with a mobile client linked to a smart device. Easy, quick and convenient for users, Encap creates a familiar, intuitive authentication process that works across all platforms – PC, mobile or tablet – and via the cloud.

Encap’s unique patented software delivers a ubiquitous security solution that is scalable, easy to integrate and requires no capital investment.

Based in Oslo, Norway, Encap’s world class management team has an unrivalled pedigree in mobile banking, finance, enterprise and remote access security. The Encap solution is approved by the Norwegian Banks’ Standardisation Office and used by major banking institutions, enterprises and technology integrators.


About ForgeRock

ForgeRock is redefining identity and access management for the modern web including public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud, and enterprise and mobile environments. ForgeRock products support mission-critical operations with a fully open source platform. ForgeRock’s Open Identity Stack powers solutions for many of the world’s largest companies and government organizations. For more information and free downloads, visit www.forgerock.com.


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