ENENSYS OneBeam ISDB-T/Tb allows Network Broadcast Operators to optimize their TV delivery services using a single satellite illumination for DTH and DTT in a Single Frequency Network. Network Broadcast Operators can also deliver regional content and emergency alerting services and make the most of their ISDB-T/Tb infrastructure. It is filled new features developed based on ENENSYS’ extensive experience in deploying DVB-T, DVB-T2, and DVB-SIS solutions. ENENSYS OneBeam ISDB-T/Tb is comprised of the ENENSYS SmartGate on the headend and the ENENSYS TxEdge at the transmitters sites.

Like the name suggests, ENENSYS OneBeam ISDB-T/Tb feeds both DTH users and DTT transmitters with a single satellite beam. It allows Broadcast Network Operator to use their exciting Satellite DTH beam to also stream a Terrestrial multiplex without doubling their satellite transmission link at the headend. This brings Network Broadcast Operators a step closer to attaining their goal of 100% TV delivery coverage, by eliminating other solutions’ high implementation and operating costs, regularly incurred by increasing the number of DTT transmitters and launching a Satellite DTH network to cover black spots,

The ENENSYS TxEdge’s remultiplexing capabilities allow Broadcast Network Operators to generate different multiplexes per region and meet end-users’ growing appetite for local content at a reasonable cost. It is designed to receive local TV content from one headend and mix it with national content from the main headend DTH stream, and create regional multiplex for SFN operation from the transmission site.

ENENSYS OneBeam ISDB-T/Tb supports BTS compression/decompression. It transforms BTS streams into MPEG-2 TS and compresses packets of 204 bytes into streams of 188 bytes packets, in compliance with the ISDB standard.

ENENSYS OneBeam ISDB-T/Tb allows Network Broadcast Operators to broadcast emergency alerts using the EWBS (Emergency Warning Broadcast System) to the entire country or to specific regional areas based on local emergency conditions.




Based in Rennes, France, ENENSYS is the global designer and manufacturer of innovative professional equipment for the Digital Video Delivery and Broadcast industry. For 15 years the Group has been delivering highly innovative solutions to broadcasting chain operators allowing them to optimize the distribution of their content. Having invested €40 million in R&D over the last ten years, the Group has a reputation for excellence and is a market leader in solutions for optimizing, securing and monetizing DTT video flows. Its solutions are already sold to over 400 customers worldwide via three recognized brands – ENENSYS Networks, TeamCast and TestTree. ENENSYS Telecom Networks product line includes software for Mobile TV over LTE Broadcast.