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Engage Hub supports Telefónica Germany’s B2B Smart Media services

by Anthony Weaver

Engage Hub supports Telefónica Germany’s B2B Smart Media services

Customer engagement platform allows Telefónica Germany to provide brands and media agencies with data-driven solutions to connect with consumers

London, UK – 9 August 2017. Engage Hub’s Synapse technology supports Telefónica Germany in delivering real-time, contextually relevant advertising services, on behalf of brands and agencies, via mobile messaging. The German operator uses Engage Hub’s customer engagement platform to provide services, such as O2 More Local.

Through Telefónica Germany’s B2B Smart Media service, O2 More Local, brands and agencies can target an opted-in audience of O2 subscribers via mobile messaging, based on CRM data such as age and gender, as well as their location, so that offers are as timely and useful as possible. The data is completely protected and not forwarded to partners, and the customer can unsubscribe from services such as O2 More Local, at any time.

Engage Hub enables the delivery of contextually relevant and content-rich mobile centric campaigns that engage subscribers through channels they are comfortable using – and with content they are interested in. Brands and agencies can also take advantage of Engage Hub’s weather targeting solution, combining past, present and forecast weather patterns, with demographic and location data to make sure campaigns are as targeted as possible.

Mark Sawyer, ‎VP Strategic Sales at Engage Hub commented: “Customers want to be addressed on a personal level, and targeted customer engagement reassures O2 More Local subscribers in Germany, that their data is being used in the right way, and contributes positively to the overall opted-in customer experience.”

John Craig, Manager of Products, Campaigns and Marketing at Telefónica Germany Smart Media, said: “Brands and advertisers re-book our advertising services, because they can successfully reach their target group. SMS, and increasingly MMS with animations and videos, have proven highly effective channels, leveraging both our subscribers demographic and location data. Location is fundamental to our offering and requires care to obtain this permission, and then ensure subscribers understand when and why we use their location. We keep them in control of their participation in our service, and allow opt-out at any time.”

Pulling data from Engage Hub’s platform, Telefónica Germany creates campaign performance reports, to help brands and agencies refine their communications initiatives and deliver considerably better results over time.

One of the primary advantages of using SMS and MMS in marketing campaigns that make use of location data, is that they are seen. SMS and MMS messages not only have very high open rates, but a large percentage are opened within a few minutes of reception, and this timeliness is critical for location-based marketing to be effective.

About Engage Hub

Engage Hub’s cross-channel customer engagement platform enables organisations to deliver better customer experiences through SMS, MMS, web, email, voice, push notifications, Facebook Messenger and more. From customer services to marketing, Engage Hub gives businesses centralised control over all channels, simplifying the process of engaging customers with intelligently targeted, interactive communications.

Headquartered in London and with offices throughout Europe, Asia and The Americas, Engage Hub’s platform is used by some of the world’s most successful enterprises, including, Weve, Singtel, Three Ireland, and Telefonica to communicate effectively with customers

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