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Engage your audience with innovative new HP Digital Signage Displays from DCC

by david.nunes


Engage your audience with innovative new HP Digital Signage Displays from DCC

9 June 2011

Getting people’s attention in today’s world is no easy task. Luckily HP has stepped up to the plate with an innovative new series of Digital Signage Displays, available now from Distributors Drive Control Corporation (DCC).

These brilliant, high quality HD multimedia displays act as electronic billboards, offering a highly visible alternative to printed signage or television screens, and can be audio and touchscreen enabled to maximise user engagement and interactivity.

“These Digital Signage Displays are so much more than just another monitor, as they are an inexpensive technology that offers a lot of bang for your buck,” says Deon Botha, HP PSG Business Unit Manager at DCC. “The large 47″

screens are built tough, made for continual usage over extended periods of time, and the large audio- and touch-enabled interface allows for the development of software to suit the needs of practically any company or industry. The screens can be displayed as wall mounted units, in kiosks or even video walls. The only limit is your imagination.”

HP Digital Signage Displays can serve a variety of functions, including informing, advertising and entertaining, with applications varying from providing stock performance, live news feeds and interactive directories to in-store advertising, announcement of sales within malls and playing entertaining video clips in areas where people traditionally congregate to wait, such as bus stations, airports, taxi ranks and even banks.

“HP’s Digital Signage Displays offer a host of business benefits, including better customer engagement thanks to flexible content and messaging which allows for targeted audience reach with visually appealing, stylish messages that will grab and maintain customer attention. Content can be created and updated on demand and delivered to multiple displays from a central source, adding to the flexibility and ease of management of the devices and ensuring campaigns remain current at all times,” says Botha.

The monitors themselves offer a high quality HD picture with integrated sound and VESA mounting options like consumer televisions, but deliver a host of additional features on top of this, including portrait and landscape orientation, ruggedness and durability suited to harsh conditions, a variety of inputs for networking, a robust warranty programme and the ability to use split screen and permanent logo displays.

“While other brands offer comparable types of digital signage monitors, with HP’s Digital Signage Displays customers are getting the HP brand promise and the backing of an internationally renowned and reputable brand. This means that warranties are backed up by quality local support so any problems can be fixed with a minimum of fuss. HP also offers a full end-to-end digital solution with complementary products to extend the functionality of the monitors, including thin clients, transmitters, splitters and remote receivers, workstations, desktop PCs and servers as well as point-of-sale devices and a variety of accessories,” Botha adds.

HP Digital Signage Displays are fully tested for out-of-the-box functionality and compatibility with HP business products and ship standard with a three year limited warranty backed by worldwide HP service and support. The displays are available now from Drive Control Corporation.

Drive Control Corporation

Deon Botha

HP PSG Business Unit Manager

Tel: 011-2018927

Email: deonb@drivecon.net


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