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Enhanced Appsense User Virtualisation Simplifies IT Management And Gives Greater Control To Enterprise Users

by david.nunes

Enhanced Appsense User Virtualisation Simplifies IT Management And Gives Greater Control To Enterprise Users


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London, May 2, 2012 – AppSense, the leader in people-centric computing, today announced a major update to the AppSense User Virtualisation Platform focusing on simplified set-up and administration, extended enterprise management controls, and user self-service options. A pioneer in the user virtualisation category, AppSense virtualises, manages and delivers users across any combination of physical and virtual desktops, tablets, and smartphones.  


“Today, organisations are looking for a single enterprise proven infrastructure to manage all aspects of the user,” said Keith Turnball, VP of Development at AppSense. “Taking a people-centric approach, the AppSense User Virtualisation Platform provides IT organisations with the tools to more efficiently update desktops while delivering personal experience for users across mobile devices, physical and virtual desktops.”


AppSense User Virtualisation maintains a reliable, multi-platform environment that allows organisations to adapt to enterprise consumerisation and adopt new technologies. While ensuring a productive experience in the workplace, the User Virtualisation Platform allows IT professionals to further develop mobile and cloud based strategies with greater assurance and control. In addition, user virtualisation further enhances secure corporate data access and file sharing across all desktop platforms including mobile devices.


“As a long time AppSense customer, this latest release will further simplify desktop management and help accelerate the adoption of new computing platforms,” said Barry Walledge, IS Desktop Services Manager, Clifford Chance. “We strive to provide the highest quality of service to our users and with mobile, tablet and cloud technologies becoming enterprise considerations; we look forward to extending our user controls to new computing platforms.”


The AppSense User Virtualisation Platform includes strategic features that ease IT burdens and expands end-user flexibility. Simplified set-up and administration capabilities quicken the installation of AppSense User Virtualisation and offer built-in wizards and best practice templates designed to reduce time and required knowledge for deployment. Extended enterprise management controls enable greater user mobility with further reductions in IT operations and infrastructure requirements. In addition, configurable Self-Service empowers users to become more productive and reduces internal IT service requests which reduces IT downtime, reduces helpdesk burdens, and makes users more productive.


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“As a leading global university, with over 24,000 students and 9,000 staff we must ensure we strive to provide the highest level of service to these demanding tech-savvy users,” said Jots Sehmbi, IT Programme Manager of the University College London.  “We believe the future of computing has foundations in a user-centric strategy and as such evaluated many user virtualisation solutions and chose AppSense as a leader in both technology and operations.  We believe this latest release will also help us navigate the future of mobile and bring your own computing platforms.”


For availability and more information regarding AppSense User Virtualisation, visit http://www.appsense.com/whats-new-uvp


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AppSense is a global software provider and leading name in user virtualisation solutions driven to redefining the relationship the world has with technology, by unlocking it, so that technology doesn’t control what we do. AppSense is focused on the creation of game-changing technology solutions that re-write the economics of IT and that become the life force for a mobile, interconnected, interactive world. With the advent of a myriad of mobile devices, Windows 7, cloud computing, data privacy and ever-demanding employees, user virtualisation allows you to [unlock the potential] of these new technologies. AppSense has presence in New York and Santa Clara in the United States, London and Manchester in the UK, and additional offices in Munich, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Paris and Oslo. For more information, visit www.appsense.com.


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