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Enhancements to Qosmos ixEngine SDK Enable Smarter Mobile Network Solutions through Network Intelligence Technology

by david.nunes

Enhancements to Qosmos ixEngine SDK Enable Smarter Mobile Network Solutions through Network Intelligence Technology

New DPI and metadata extraction features allow solution providers to leverage visibility into network traffic for advanced policy and traffic management, subscriber analytics, QoS and other applications for mobile networks



·        Qosmos advanced DPI and metadata extraction capabilities provide unprecedented, application-level visibility into network traffic.

·        Key capabilities of ixEngine include application-level visibility, advanced metadata extraction, Triple-R features and support for all leading processor architectures.

·        Solution providers TEOCO, CommProve, GfK and a Tier 1 NEP have chosen to leverage Qosmos technology in new solutions for their mobile carrier customers.



Paris, France – May 18, 2011 – Qosmos (www.qosmos.com), the leading provider of Network Intelligence (NI) technology, today announced enhancements to its ixEngine Software Development Kit (SDK) designed for the unique requirements of telecom equipment and solution providers.

Qosmos ixEngine is a software development kit composed of a decoding engine, protocol libraries and development tools that are easily integrated into new or existing solutions. The latest version provides advanced Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) and metadata extraction features that deliver complete visibility into network traffic in real time, enabling developers to inject application-level insight into policy and traffic management, charging, Quality of Service (QoS), subscriber analytics and other solutions.

Qosmos customers TEOCO, CommProve, GfK and a major network equipment provider (NEP) have embedded Qosmos ixEngine into their solutions, allowing their mobile carrier customers to better manage, track and monetize mobile services, while substantially reducing the time and development costs it would have taken to develop decoding technology internally.


“The proliferation of smart phones, tablet computing devices, mobile web and OTT applications puts tremendous pressure on networks,” said Thibaut Bechetoille, CEO of Qosmos. “At the same time, subscribers continue to demand more personalized and higher value services. Embedding Network Intelligence technology from Qosmos is the most effective way for solution providers to fully understand, leverage and derive value from this traffic explosion – reducing time to market, risk and internal development costs.

Designed with “Triple R” in mind

Telecom solutions require a traffic decoding engine with built-in robustness, reliability and resilience (“Triple R”):

·        Robustness, performing well under difficult conditions (e.g. SYN flood, incomplete traffic)

·        Reliability, by adequately decoding traffic even under unusual circumstances (e.g. tunnels, obfuscated traffic, non-standard protocol behavior)

·        Resilience, by functioning even under adverse conditions (e.g. maliciously forged packets or flows)

The industrial-strength nature of ixEngine results from Qosmos’ long experience in demanding environments such as telecom networks and government applications.

Key ixEngine capabilities for telecom equipment and solution providers include:

·        Application identification and classification: Qosmos classifies more than 1,000 application protocols.

·        Deeper context on real-time usage: Qosmos extracts over 4,500 communication and content metadata attributes, capturing and translating network data at the subscriber, device and user level. 

·        Support for all leading processor architectures: The decoding capabilities of ixEngine have been optimized for all leading processors on the market: Intel x86, NetLogic XLR, Cavium Octeon, Tilera TILEPro, and Freescale PowerQUICC. OEMs can choose a hardware architecture knowing that ixEngine has been optimized for it.

·        Handles massive traffic volumes at wire-speed: ixEngine is optimized for all leading multi-core processors, decoding protocols in real-time up to core telecom network speeds.


Vendors deploy solutions powered by Qosmos in subscriber analytics, network monitoring, QoE and policy management

Qosmos ixEngine extraction capabilities effectively treat IP networks as real-time databases, enabling solutions with deeper analytics and faster issue detection. Several Qosmos customers have recently deployed solutions powered by Qosmos:

·      TEOCO Corporation embeds Qosmos ixEngine for real-time subscriber analytics.  The company has deployed the technology to power ping, its telecom operator Business Intelligence (BI) and subscriber usage analytics platform. The solution gives service providers the ability to drive new business models and revenue streams by deriving intelligence directly from the data traversing the network.

ping collects and correlates millions of disparate events and data transactions – tying together real-time network activity with service providers’ business support systems (BSS) to deliver valuable information that can be leveraged across the organization,” said John Devolites, TEOCO Vice President and General Manager. “Qosmos’ NI technology is a critical component of our solution, enabling the collection of the data in real-time.”

·      CommProve bolsters its QoS platform with Qosmos ixEngine, giving carriers real-time issue detection and value-added subscriber metrics.  The company integrated ixEngine into its Insight network monitoring solutions, using the technology to detect and address network and application issues faster and more accurately. Extracted metadata gives carriers value-added insight and accurate and detailed information about who their subscribers are, the applications they use and the level of service quality they experience.

“CommProve is pleased to integrate the Qosmos ixEngine technology to use detailed communications metadata to mitigate and solve these service issues quickly,” said Lars Pedersen, CEO of CommProve. “When a subscriber is experiencing poor connection or slow response times, the problem could come from different areas: the terminal, the network infrastructure or the application itself. It can be extremely challenging for service providers to pinpoint the exact root cause of these poor service experiences, and the result is a bad impression of the service in the subscriber’s mind. Now with the combined solution, these problems can be resolved rapidly.”

·      GfK gains competitive advantage in mobile market research with deeper consumer insights, powered by Qosmos. The global market research firm uses Qosmos technology for its Network Intelligence Solution (GfK NIS), which monitors mobile Internet usage and user behavior and allows GfK to provide both mobile operators and the media industry with relevant and reliable information, enabling them to fully monetize mobile traffic.
“Qosmos’ information extraction capabilities are a truly groundbreaking innovation that have provided us with the key ability to deliver accurate, reliable and comprehensive statistics in real-time,” said Gerard Hermet, President of Retail & Technology Division, GfK.

·      Tier-One Network Equipment Provider chooses Qosmos Network Intelligence Technology for advanced policy control and charging solution.

Following an internal cost/risk/time assessment, this leading NEP selected Qosmos ixEngine, avoiding high upfront costs, time-to-market delays and ongoing maintenance.

“This equipment provider gains granular network visibility that only Qosmos could provide to deliver powerful policy control based on per-device, per-application or per-subscriber parameters,” explained Thibaut Bechetoille. “By using ixEngine, they have been able to bring a solution to market in a fraction of the time it would have taken to develop these capabilities internally, and with substantial cost savings.”


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