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Entirely New ‘Endomondo Life’ App Debuts for iPhone 5s As Free, Stand-Alone, All-Day Activity Tracker

by david.nunes

Entirely New ‘Endomondo Life’ App Debuts for iPhone 5s As Free, Stand-Alone, All-Day Activity Tracker

M7 Coprocessor Utilized to Monitor Complete Breadth of Daily Movement

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, Aug. 28, 2014 – Always seeking to deploy the latest mobile technologies that make fitness fun, Endomondo has launched an entirely new ‘Endomondo Life‘ tracking app exclusively for iPhone 5s. The free, stand-alone app utilizes the smartphone’s specialized M7 coprocessor to monitor motion throughout an entire day without draining the phone’s battery.

Endomondo Life records the number of steps an individual takes while carrying their phone during the course of daily activities.  Using that data, along with height and weight information, the app calculates calories burned with an option to see estimated distance traveled.

Once downloaded from Apple’s App Store, users log into Endomondo Life or can opt for ‘anonymous’ usage.  When opened the first time, the app automatically retrieves data from the previous seven days (if desired), and asks users to input their height, weight and a daily ‘steps’ goal.  An individual step goal is set as default, but users can select their own target.

Because feedback is an essential puzzle piece in making fitness fun, Endomondo Life features several viewable statistics.  Users can see how close they have come to daily goals, review a week’s worth of activity through easy-to-read graphs, check on overall steps for seven days, and count calories burned. To keep people motivated, Endomondo Life notifies users of their performance from a current or previous day, and will let people know when a step goal has been reached.

Mette Lykke, Endomondo’s CEO, said, “Endomondo focused on developing a valuable app that supplements the Endomondo Sports Tracker app by logging all-day activities. We will now watch how Endomondo Life performs and monitor user feedback for what can be improved. The ambition is to integrate Endomondo Life into the entire Endomondo experience which is all about connected fitness across devices.”

For more information about Endomondo, please visit http://www.endomondo.com or http://blog.endomondo.com/.

About Endomondo:
Founded in 2007, Endomondo’s social fitness network and very popular Endomondo Sports Tracker mobile app help turn a smartphone into a personal trainer and social motivator.  Now with nearly 25 million fans around the globe, Endomondo lets people track workouts, analyze performance, and support each other so people become and stay active.

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