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Entone takes Hybrid TV over the border with Zazeen

by david.nunes

Entone Takes Hybrid TV Over The Border with Zazeen

Canadian Operator Selects Entone to Accelerate Subscriber Growth

Cupertino, California (May 28, 2014) – Entone, Inc., a global leader of Cloud TV and Connected Home solutions, today announced that it has been selected by Zazeen for their Hybrid TV rollout.

Together with Acanac and Distributel, Zazeen has access to one of the largest independent Internet Service Provider (ISP) network with over 200,000 subscribers in several markets. The joint companies offer video services through the Zazeen brand.

“We need to position ourselves to take advantage of a rapidly changing marketplace,” said Paul Louro, President of Zazeen. “We see broadband as the foundation for enabling next-gen services and TV is a natural extension of our broadband business. With Entone’s Hybrid TV solution, we’re able to leverage our existing network to deliver a video-centric broadband service that helps us to increase ARPU and further strengthens the relationship with our subscribers.”

Entone’s Hybrid TV solution enables service operators to deliver a richer user experience by combining Live TV and Cloud services. With Entone’s Hybrid TV solution, operators can quickly deploy a video-centric service across their entire broadband footprint.

“Broadband is a strategic anchor that progressive operators can leverage for greater consumer engagement and provides a platform for other ARPU-accretive broadband services,” stated Mark Evensen, founder and CTO of Entone. “We look forward to supporting Zazeen as they continue to expand their Hybrid TV service rollout.”

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