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Epiphany Chooses Searchmetrics to Drive Data Driven Search, PPC and Social Media Campaigns

by david.nunes

Epiphany Chooses Searchmetrics to Drive Data Driven Search, PPC and Social Media Campaigns

Searchmetrics’ data helps enhance client retention and support new business activity

London – 31 May, 2012 – Leading UK search agency, Epiphany, has signed up to Searchmetrics’ online search and social analytics service to provide data to inspire and measure campaigns, enhance client retention and support new business development.

The agency, which has offices in Leeds and London and includes Waterstones, Teletext Holidays and Debenhams among the brands it represents, places a big emphasis on data analysis in its offer as Tom Salmon, Marketing Director, explains:

“Whether it’s search, social or PPC, everything we do starts life as a piece of data analysis. We’re totally open about the data we use. We share it with clients to discuss how it can benefit them, as well as using it to agree key performance indicators. This transparency is one of the reasons they choose us and stay with us, making tools such as Searchmetrics so important.”

The company is constantly evaluating search analytics software and was impressed with the breadth of the Searchmetrics service which is designed to automate many aspects of search and social analysis, monitoring and reporting for agencies and in-house search marketers.

“We were impressed with the quality and depth of data, especially the historical data which lets us look back and pick out trends and insights to build new campaigns – it’s more comprehensive than we have ever had access to previously. The software also lets us quickly grab data about the search and social performance of any domain – which can be invaluable when running audits for new business pitches,” said Andy Heaps, Operations Director at Epiphany.

Searchmetrics brings into one place the wide variety of tools and data that search marketers rely on. As well as retaining a cumulative history of how web sites rank for their chosen keywords over time, it includes features for analysing universal search performance, technical site structure (including tracking elements such as site speed that affect SEO performance), back links, on-page keyword density as well as visibility on key social networks .

“The depth and breadth of data combined with the ability to slice and dice it in useful, informative ways puts Searchmetrics in a league of its own. As such it has very quickly become a staple part of Epiphany’s toolkit,” concludes Heaps.

About Searchmetrics

Searchmetrics is the global expert in search and social analytics software, empowering marketers to increase visibility and market share on the world’s leading search engines. We create value by providing the best quality data on a global scale. Clients and partners worldwide rely on Searchmetrics to maximize return from search investments with actionable insights that help better manage, improve and scale search marketing campaigns

Searchmetrics’ robust search marketing tool, Searchmetrics Suite, is supported by a unique server infrastructure that offers monitoring of over 100 search engines in over 30 countries worldwide. Searchmetrics Suite is also home to the Searchmetrics Essentials data modules, SEO+SEM and Social, encompassing the largest, fastest databases for search and social media available.

Headquartered in Berlin, with subsidiaries and offices in New York, London and Paris, the company delivers real web intelligence to a growing international customer base. In 2011 Searchmetrics was named as Best Technology Partner, EMEA by Adobe and is listed in the 2012 Always-On Media 100 companies. You can follow Searchmetrics on Twitter @Searchmetrics or on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Searchmetrics. For more information, please visit: www.searchmetrics.com


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