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Epsilon Connects with TransIndonesia Network

by david.nunes

Epsilon Connects with TransIndonesia Network

Indonesian network operator TransIndonesia Network has selected Epsilon to provide interconnectivity solutions out of Singapore.

Singapore – 17th February, 2014, – Epsilon Telecommunications, the world’s largest global telecoms network exchange, has entered into an agreement with TransIndonesia Network, an Indonesian telecommunications provider dedicated to domestic wholesale long-haul and ‘b’ end termination across Indonesia, to deliver international connectivity across Asia, Europe & the Americas.

With this agreement, Epsilon is providing a virtual point-of-presence (ePoP) and cross connect services in Singapore, giving TransIndonesia Network efficient access to service provider networks in Asia, Europe & the Americas. Epsilon is already pre-connected with 500+ network operators globally and this agreement extends its growing presence in the domestic market of Indonesia.

“We are excited to be working with TransIndonesia Network as it continues to expand its domestic footprint across Indonesia. Indonesia is one of the fastest developing economies on the planet and has the potential to become a regional telecoms and technology hub for Asia,” says Andreas Hipp, CEO at Epsilon Telecommunications. “When we see the combination of an ambitious operator and strong economic growth, we know we can help to spur on telecoms development.”

TransIndonesia Network own and operate long haul telecommunications infrastructure in Java and Sumatra in Indonesia. TransIndonesia Network also provide inter-city and inner-city connectivity with POPs in 68 cities across the islands of Java and Sumatera. The 6000km optical network connects 68 cities in Java & Sumatra and reaches a population of approximately 200 million people.

Andy Mclean, CEO of TransIndonesia Network, says: “This agreement improves strategic access to the world’s telecoms markets for our customers. It also gives operators in other parts of the world access to one of the world’s fastest growing telecoms markets. This agreement is one more step towards making TransIndonesia Networks the Indonesian partner of choice.”

About Epsilon Telecommunications

Epsilon is an award-winning enabler of connectivity services to communications service providers around the world. We operate the world’s largest Global Network Exchange with 500+ network operators pre-connected and ready for their networks to be used to create tailored-made solutions for service providers globally. As a carrier neutral infrastructure provider, we operate and source the highest quality networks and services in more than 170 countries and build flexible network solutions for national, regional and international communications companies.

For more information, visit Epsilon on: http://www.epsilontel.com, and follow the Company on Twitter: https://twitter.com/Epsilontel

About TransIndonesia Networks

TransIndonesia Network provides bandwidth across Java & Sumatra with onward international connectivity solutions. The company’s charter includes the construction, ownership and operation of long haul telecommunications infrastructure on selective routes linking cities and high growth regional population centres within Indonesia.

The network is now fully operational. The 6000km optical network connect 68 cities in Java & Sumatra and reaches a potential population of 200 million people.

Read more at http://transindonesianetwork.com/mainsite/corporate-info/#0UiHfoRAsT2l6ipZ.99

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