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ERCOM MOBIPASS Helps Major Korean Account Address Growing and Challenging Korean LTE Market

by david.nunes

ERCOM MOBIPASS® Helps Major Korean Account Address Growing and Challenging Korean LTE Market

Paris, November  18th 2013 – ERCOM, the leading provider of 4G LTE Network Emulation solutions, announced today that it has sold its MOBIPASS ® Network Emulation solution to a Major Korean Account. This comes as Korea is set to become the world’s first major mobile market to migrate the majority of its subscribers to LTE networks.

ERCOM’s MOBIPASS® Network Emulator solution has been deployed in this account’s labs in Korea for 4G LTE.  This Korean customer, is always at the cutting-edge of technology, driven by the very advanced and demanding Korean telecommunication market. They were looking for a network validation and optimization tool partner with a very aggressive roadmap and able to support them in the long term.

The MOBIPASS® Advanced Multi-UE Channel Emulator, combined with class-leading usability, makes it easy for the Korean engineers to test complex call scenarios and close the gap between simulation and reality.

“During the different trials and demo we did with ERCOM MOBIPASS, we were very impressed by ERCOM’s responsiveness, the usability of their MOBIPASS® Network Emulation solution and its innovative features. We believe acquiring such tool from ERCOM will help us speed up our product time to market,” commented the test and validation person in charge of the evaluation.

“We are pleased to welcome this major Korean account within our growing number of MOBIPASS® customers – it is a strategic customer for us.” said Yannick Dupuch, CEO at ERCOM.

MOBIPASS® is a real life network emulation solution connected to real network nodes. It can emulate thousands of UEs with different types of mobile characteristics and includes a unique and advanced map-based per-UE channel emulator, an easy-to-use call model builder, high performance QoS and QoE measurement tools.

Mario Genest, VP of Sales at ERCOM, added: “We are delighted that a leading Korean company has selected our test equipment ahead of the local and international competition. It is a testimony to the hard work of our development team and the superior performance of our products.”

For more information about MOBIPASS®, please visit www.ercom.com. Alternatively, follow @ERCOM_MOBIPASS on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About ERCOM: www.ercom.com

ERCOM is a telecom solution provider, dedicated to improving usage and confidence in telecommunication networks. ERCOM teams have developed high-end telecommunication technologies and solutions for more than 25 years. Today ERCOM contains two main product lines:  Wireless Network Optimization and Secure Communication Solutions.

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