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ERICSSON at Managed Services for Emerging Markets Conference to present on key benefits of Managed Services Technologies

by david.nunes

Neoedge’s Managed Services for Emerging Markets have joined forces with Ericsson and other international telecom leaders, the organizations announced today. Ahmed Seemab, the Head of Market Development and Managed Services, in the Middle East region for Ericsson will be presenting at the upcoming conference. The partnership with Ericsson brings the Telecom Managed Services event on top and the largest in the region. It is happening at the Traders Hotel Dubai by Shangri-la, 5-6 October 2010.

The conference has allocated utmost networking opportunities for all participating organizations, providing an immersive environment and an interactive experience especially during the break-out group discussions. Ahmed Seemab’s participation at the Managed Services for Emerging Markets will have a presentation dedicated to the key benefits of managed services, design technologies, products, applications, and solutions.

“We are extremely excited about this partnership with Ericsson. The same way that our delegates are eager to learn the numerous managed services technologies that Ericsson has designed which are pertinent to the emerging markets. This conference represents not only the transformation of business models, but it also serves as a tool for overcoming challenges of service providers in their existing partnerships.” said Neoedge Telecoms and Research Consultant for the Middle-East, Jhorden Niño. “We are especially fortunate to be partnered with the major carriers, vendors and industry resource within the managed services space, which will result in a high-quality experience for our attendees.”

“Our market research showed the Managed Services for Emerging Markets to be the best event with which to unite the managed services players in the telecommunications community,” said Niño. “Neoedge Telecom events are about delivering the latest in the telecommunications world. The addition of Ericsson to the conference will definitely facilitate business opportunities and expedite growth and innovation within the managed services marketplace.”

For exhibit and/or sponsorship information, contact:

Jhorden Niño (jhordenn@neo-edge.com, Tel: +65 6557 9203)

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