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ESET continues to power and protect women’s progress in tech

by Anthony Weaver

ESET is at the forefront of powering South African women’s progress in tech, one success story at a time.

As champions of digital progress, ESET is proud to have women in leading roles throughout its operations – both in MSP and enterprise specialist positions, as well as marketing, sales, and more. “ESET has always maintained a future-forward vision about the role technology has in people’s lives,” notes Carey van Vlaanderen, CEO of ESET South Africa.

“Technology is how we connect, create and collaborate. We rely on technology to work and express ourselves. Today, communities and businesses are built through digital innovations and women are often at the very heart of these innovations which is why ESET champions women’s progress at every opportunity,” she says.

ESET enjoys near-perfect workplace parity with a 50/50 gender split. It also blazes a new trail for young women entering the workplace for the first time with a 90% female intern intake this year alone.

“Women’s progress in tech is about more than just numbers though. ESET is a place to grow and learn, make connections, and be engaged creatively in a fulfilling career while working as part of a cohesive team,” adds van Vlaanderen.

It’s a sentiment shared by full-time ESET Accounts Manager Alicia Mshudulu. As a mom to a one-year-old, and studying towards a degree in Business Management, Alicia says being in a collaborative and supportive work environment is vital. “ESET provides you with the tools and guidance to get to where you want to be in your career. It always provides you with room to grow.”

Noxolo Jubati’s career in tech began as an ESET intern in 2017. She has steadily progressed through various roles and is now a top-performing account manager. “ESET has a strong mentoring and training system in place which assists the team to stay up to date and informed. Our CEO is an inspiring leader who treats every employee equally. She is always available for one-on-one sessions to share advice on how to reach your goals.”

Van Vlaanderen says ESET’s valued partners also champion the core belief that technological progress is linked to women’s overall success in the industry. “Aaishah Akoojee, Managing Director of Sisonke Software Solutions and Lee Beier, EOH BU Account Manager at IOCO both exemplify what is possible through incredible determination.”

Says Akoojee, “Initially I was only involved with the financial aspects of Sisonke Software Solutions but as time passed, I developed further interest in tech. I was intrigued by how technology systems could provide relevant solutions for so many industries. When I began my career, there were very few women in the industry but as the years have passed, there is a consistent and gradual increase in both women working in the tech industry and in executive positions.”

Beier’s advice for women starting their career in tech is to have a strong sense of self. “Believe in yourself and your abilities. The core capabilities needed to succeed in tech aren’t learned in school or in the workplace: self-esteem, self-care, and resilience is key. There’s this business myth that you should have a tech background if you want to be a tech entrepreneur, but soft skills prove invaluable when breaking into the tech world.”

Earlier this year, ESET unveiled new branding with the tagline ‘Progress. Protected’. Inspired by the insight that the power of human ideas remains the leading catalyst for the world’s progression today, van Vlaanderen says having an inclusive culture is beneficial for the company and its people. “Ultimately, business is about people. When women are able to reach their full potential, it’s a net benefit for the entire organisation and its productivity, performance and employee sentiment.”

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