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Eseye & ETI partner to deliver an integrated solution for connected IoT devices

by david.nunes

New IoT partnership delivers integrated management right to the edge of the network

Atlanta, GA, February 9, 2016Eseye, a global provider of intelligent connectivity for The Internet of Things (IoT), and ETI, a global leader in communication technologies and services, are proud to announce a non-exclusive partnership and the launch of an integrated and complete solution for connected IoT devices: Beamfly. As IoT applications become more complicated due to the need for smarter, faster and more accurate intelligent systems, this partnership will enable Eseye and ETI to offer customers a significantly quicker time to market for IoT devices. The reliable connectivity, management and control provided by this partnership will allow the users to derive meaningful data sets resulting in informed decisions and successful return on investment.

ETI has recently launched the Beamfly platform which brings multiple data solutions together in one turnkey, end-to-end instance for intelligent business analysis and management. The combination of Eseye’s managed connectivity proposition and the Beamfly platform extends the proposition for customers aligned to both companies as it leverages full capabilities across both platforms. This unified device management software platform is ideal for customers looking to launch, monitor and monetize their solution. Whether the solution is a device, network, or application, the Eseye-ETI collaboration empowers organizations to make timely decisions based on data gained from connected IoT environments. According to IDC, the world will produce 40 zettabytes of data by 2020 and the new ETI and Eseye cooperation provides easy management for connected devices.

“Eseye has been a longstanding hardware management platform partner for Netmania for many years. With the merger of Netmania and ETI, we have enhanced our proposition, greatly simplifying the implementation of an end-to-end solution for customers with hardware management requirements. Eseye’s extra device-level expertise and general knowledge of IoT solutions makes it even easier for our customers to be successful. We look forward to our joint engagements” said ETI founder Pete Pifer, Chairman and CEO.  

The joint ETI Beamfly-Eseye proposition delivers configuration, monitoring and control of wirelessly connected IoT devices through a full end-to-end solution. It consolidates management of hardware such as gateways, routers or other IoT devices. This is unlike other data management platforms that only handle data collection and management, but do not deliver the over-the-air monitoring, management and maintenance of hardware at the edge of the network.

“We have worked with Netmania, and [now] ETI, for a number of years deploying their TR-069 platform to manage both our own and our customers’ hardware over the air. It’s been a stable, well run platform which has greatly benefited our customers over time. I’m thrilled to be formalizing our partnership with ETI through this announcement” says Julian Hardy, Eseye CEO.

This is a non-exclusive partnership, as Eseye does offer Over-The-Air (OTA) hardware management in conjunction with a multitude of other middleware platforms.

About Eseye

Established in 2007, Eseye is a leading provider of global cellular internet connectivity for IoT devices, delivering Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions to businesses serving key areas of the connected home, connected enterprises, and connected cities. With headquarters in Europe and offices in North America, Australia, Africa and Asia, Eseye designs and develops innovative long-life solutions focused on real business outcomes while offering a ubiquitous connectivity layer and unparalleled lifetime service and support. Eseye maintains a large global footprint, managing connectivity customers in 117 countries and continuing to deliver the most robust and reliable worldwide network for the Internet of Things. For more information about Eseye please visit www.eseye.com

About ETI and Beamfly

ETI Software Solutions has been a global communications technology and services provider for 24 years, developing the tools broadband service providers need to manage complex systems more efficiently. Its expertise in back office integration and connected devices birthed the Beamfly platform, a unified device management software platform to activate, monitor and monetize IoT devices, networks and applications. For more information please visit www.beamfly.com and  www.etisoftware.com

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