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Espial Executives to Speak and Moderate Panel Discussion at Smart TV Summit

by david.nunes

Espial Executives to Speak and Moderate Panel Discussion at Smart TV Summit

OTTAWA, Ontario — May 14, 2012 — Espial, a leader in on-demand TV software and solutions, today announced its Head of Browser Products, Dilshan De Silva, and Espial TV Browser Product Marketer, Peter Hutchins, will present and moderate a panel discussion, respectively, at the 2012 Smart TV Summit June 6-7 in San Francisco. Organized by the Smart TV Insider, the Smart TV Summit helps leading industry groups including content owners, broadcasters, consumer manufacturers, and regulators explore new business models and partnerships to maximize viewer engagement across connected TV platforms.

During the forum entitled “Survive the Battlefield with a Winning Business Model as Technology and Content Collide,” scheduled for 9:30 a.m. on June 6, Hutchins will oversee a panel of industry experts as they discuss effective business models for delivering multiplatform video content.

“I’m honored to moderate a panel discussion that includes well-respected industry leaders from Endemol, NBC Universal, and LG Electronics,” said Hutchins. “During this informative session, we’ll examine ways that broadcasters, content providers, and manufacturers can deliver more interactive, branded services across a variety of devices.”

At 9:30 a.m. on June 7, De Silva will deliver a presentation entitled “Standards that will Drive Video Applications and Cloud Services on Connected TVs.” The lecture will provide an overview of the Web and broadcast standards vital to the proliferation of OTT content.

“Content creators and consumer electronics manufacturers are laser-focused on delivering connected devices to meet the ever growing consumer demand for OTT video services. The industry is looking to new standards — such as HTML5 and open-source Web rendering engines such as WebKit — to ensure a superior consumer OTT video experience,” said De Silva. “My presentation will provide useful, real-world strategies and insights to ease the delivery of value-added services for rich interactive content, while ensuring high quality, security, and scalability across devices.”

Prior to joining Espial, De Silva held software development roles at Corel and Entrust. With a Bachelor of Computer Science degree from Carleton University in Ottawa, he is an acknowledged expert in digital television technology.

Hutchins has held marketing positions at Research In Motion, Nortel Networks, and QNX Software Systems. He has a Bachelor of Engineering and a Bachelor of Mathematics degree from Dalhousie University.


About Espial (www.espial.com)
Espial is a leading supplier of digital TV and IPTV software and solutions to cable MSOs and telecommunications operators as well as consumer electronics manufacturers. Espial’s middleware, video-on-demand, and browser products power a diverse range of pay-TV and Internet TV business models. Over 10 million licenses of its patented software are in use across the world. Espial is headquartered in Ottawa, Canada and has offices in the United States, Europe, and Asia. Visit www.espial.com or contact via phone at +1 613 230 4770.



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