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ETERNITY NE An Integrated SOHO IP-PBX with Seamless Mobility

by david.nunes

Vadodara, 15th September 2010.

Technologies keep evolving and new forms of communications emerge. Adapting to these new forms is a more conscious decision for small businesses. To grow to their utmost potential, these businesses need access to features and technologies beyond the confines of conventional telephony systems.

Matrix presents ETERNITY NE – the youngest and smallest member of ETERNITY IP-PBX family specifically designed for SOHO businesses, built to empower SOHOs with features and functionalities that dramatically improve their efficiency and productivity.

ETERNITY NE supports all sought network connectivity – PSTN, GSM/UMTS and VoIP. At the same time it offers seamless communication across all forms of extensions – analog, digital, mobiles or IP extensions. Further, SOHOs can avail features and functionalities such as IP trunks and IP extensions, mobile trunks and extensions, presence, Instant Messaging and voice mail to email, which were formerly available to large enterprises only. With mobility extensions, ETERNITY NE can replicate the functionalities of desk phone on user mobile phones, allowing them to make or receive calls and access systems features such as call transfer, forward, voice mail, directory and conference from within and outside office. ETERNITY NE offers all these high-end functionalities on a single platform with a form-factor in harmony to SOHO needs. It is easy to use and configure, satisfying the needs of SOHO and exceeds expectations.

Key Attributes:

· Bring True Convergence of Technology with accessibility to GSM, POTS and VoIP network on a single platform

· IP Enabled

· Integrated Voice Mail

· Mobile Trunks and Extensions

· Compact Footprint

· Available in four variants

Targeted Market:

ETERNITY NE is targeted to below segments:

1) SOHO- Small Office and Home Office places

2) Small Branch Offices

Projecting future business prospects and growth, Sajeev Nair, Product Manager of Matrix ComSec said, “With our commitment to deliver cutting-edge technology and incorporate innovative techniques, MATRIX has added an integrated feature reach IP-PBX in its ETERNITY range of PBXs. These will fulfill the aspirations of SOHO users to avail high end features and functions. It is conceptualized upon the market requirement to keep pace with changing needs of SOHO. SOHO users can now enjoy high end features and network interfaces which were formerly available to large enterprises. Moreover, these functionalities are available on a single platform with a form-factor in harmony to their needs.”


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